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a class driving assistance package

a class driving assistance package

a class driving assistance package插图

What is the Mercedes-Benz driver assistance package?

What is the Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package? Escondido drivers seeking the ultimate in protection will find it in the Mercedes-Benz Driver Assistance Package. This package is standard or optional on a wide array of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including the CLA, C-Class, S-Class, and more.

Why do I need the driving assistance package?

The risk of an accident is reduced – passengers and road users are effectively protected. This way you are able to reach your destination relaxed and safe. Components and functions exclusive to the Driving Assistance package are indicated with an asterisk (*):

What is active lane keeping assist on a Mercedes?

Active Lane Keeping Assist – Selectively brakes the wheels to help prevent the Mercedes from drifting out of the intended lane of travel. Active Lane Change Assist – In conjunction with Distronic, this feature helps to change lanes and overtake slower traffic when the driver signals and it is safe to do so.

What is a pre safe impulse side?

Pre Safe Impulse Side – When another vehicle is about to crash into the Mercedes on the side, this system inflates air chambers within the door-side of the seat. This moves the occupant toward the center of the vehicle in order to reduce the potential for injury.

What does "active emergency stop assist" mean?

Active Emergency Stop Assist – In conjunction with Distronic, if a driver falls asleep or suffers a medical emergency, this system can bring the Mercedes to a staged stop, activate the hazard flashers, and place an emergency SOS call to get help.

What is a pre safe?

Pre Safe is just one of numerous occupant safety technologies and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) available for 2020 Mercedes-Benz models. Some of them, like Pre Safe, are standard equipment.

How long does it take for Distronic to restart?

Active Distance Assist Distronic with Extended Restart – Adaptive cruise control that maintains a safe distance behind traffic ahead, can bring the car to a stop, and in stop-and-go traffic will automatically resume within 30 seconds.

What is congestion emergency brake?

Congestion Emergency Braking – When traffic ahead comes to a sudden stop, this system can assess whether or not a driver has a way around the congestion and, if not, automatically engages the emergency braking system.

What is Active Steering Assist?

Active Steering Assist – In conjunction with Distronic, this centers the car in the lane of travel and can follow vehicles ahead when lane markings are unclear or unavailable. Active Blind Spot Assist – Discourages a driver from changing lanes if another vehicle is in the blind spot by selectively braking the wheels to tug …

What is Route based Speed Adaptation?

Route-based Speed Adaptation – In conjunction with Distronic, this automatically reduces vehicle speed based on the navigation system’s map database and the ADAS technology, slowing as the vehicle approaches exits, curves in the road, roundabouts, toll booths, and more. Find a Mercedes-Benz for sale