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a printing company sells small packages

a printing company sells small packages

a printing company sells small packages插图

Why choose smallbusinessprinting?

We have been a SmallBusinessPrinting client for years. We use them for all our printing needs. We have always received personalized service and attention. They take a real interest in our business and make informed recommendations. I will continue to use them for all my design and printing needs. High quality at an affordable price!

Where can I find a screen printing business for sale?

BizQuest has the best inventory when it comes to screen printing business for sale listings! The technique of using a mesh screen to apply ink to fabric has been around since 960AD. Andy Warhol is credited with turning the… Read more A well-established Ship Print Business for sale. This business has been operating for … Owner wants to retire.

Why buy premium print products?

High quality at an affordable price! Our premium print products are some of the best the printing industry has to offer. Printed at twice the resolution of a standard print product. Our products are printed using some of the best paper, inks, coatings, and equipment the printing industry has to offer.


Vastex makes it easy to begin screen printing with packages that include all of the essential machinery you need, plus a basic supply kit. Entry level shop packages can be configured for one-, two- or four-color printing. From the hobby printer to the serious business start-up, Vastex offers an affordable solution to fit your needs.


For the small- to mid-volume screen shop, Vastex Pro-Entry shop packages include a long-lasting V-1000 press with four, six or eight stations/colors, an ultra-fast LED exposure unit and a flash cure unit. Each package also includes an infrared conveyor dryer matched to the volume of output.


The V-2000HD press is the cornerstone of these packages. With a 25 year warranty on the V-2000HD you start with a press build to last a life time. All packages include a digitally controlled infrared conveyor dryer, vacuum draw exposing unit and our premium flash cure.


Get the basic supplies you need to start your business off right. All supply packages include screens, degreaser, a scoop coater, emulsion, squeegees, cleaners, emulsion remover, and plastisol ink. Two larger supply packages are available to get all these basics and additional essentials to save you time and money.

What is box it?

BOX IT, a Non-Franchise (NO FRANCHISE FEES) shipping service center, is a well established pack & ship postal store with a strong community following of individuals and businesses since 1988. This business comes with an established legacy that can… Read more

What is a full service trailer dealership?

This is a full service trailer dealership, with a loyal and excellent staff. They sell, repair and service all types of cargo and utility trailers. They can perform any kind of repair or modification to almost any trailer… Read more

Where is Sir Speedy located?

Sir Speedy Franchise & Independent Advertising Company In the Nature Coast of Florida. Year round golf, boat/fishing & more!

Is Cruise Planners an American Express franchise?

For more than 20 years, Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, has been a low-cost franchise opportunity that can yield high returns!


PARTIAL SELLER FINANCING AVAILABLE!Be your own boss and make your own rules! Rare opportunity to own a well established , successful mom-and-pop type business in a unique , niche industry. Retail sales… Read more

What is retail garment decorating?

Retail Garment Decorating boutique offering a full range of custom printing and decorating services including Direct to Garment (DTG), Embroidery, Screen Printing, Heat Transfers, and Heat Transfer Vinyl. The business appeals to both B2B and B2C customers with solutions for a single shirt to… Read more

What is Adirondack Awards?

Adirondack Awards One stop shop for promotional items, screenprinting and embroidery.

How long has Big O Tires been in business?

With more than 50 years in the automotive retail industry, Big O Tires® is proud to be considered a world-class leader… Read more

How many Meineke centers are there?

With nearly 1,000 centers worldwide, Meineke’s proven business model has achieved success time and again for its… Read more

When was the mesh screen invented?

The technique of using a mesh screen to apply ink to fabric has been around since 960AD. Andy Warhol is credited with turning the… Read more

Is a turnkey business considered an essential business?

Perfect situation for individual seeking a career change. Owner will stay on to train buyer.Very profitable turnkey businessConsidered an essential business. Currently open.Includes business, building, parking lot, goodwill, equipment, fixtures and inventory.*Business can be… Read more

Is Christian Brothers Automotive a Christian business?

A trusted name in the auto repair industry for over 30 years, Christian Brothers Automotive is a Christian business… Read more

What county is 11687?

Listing ID # 11687 Suffolk County based laser printer sales and service company with customers in both Nassau and Suffolk. Services include new and reconditioned printer sales, cartridge re-manufacturing, repairs and field service. Large diversified customer base for cartridge sales and service work….

What is Baldwin Prints?

Broker presents Baldwin Prints business for sale! Baldwin Prints is a print on demand service center, with similar features of typical commercial print services, but also adding medium to large format sublimation technologies. The additional equipment and services allows the shop the capability to permanently…

How long has Central California Mail Center been in business?

This Central California Mail Center Franchise has been in operation for 13 years! As an essential business, a crucial part of their success has, and will continue to be, the necessity to continue operating during economic recessions and pandemic closures. Making this business immune to market downfalls….

What is Riverside County printing?

This commercial printing company in Riverside County provides labels, brochures, business cards and promotional design products nationwide; as well as pens, can coolers, notepads or offset printing among other items. Primarily servicing local repeat customers, there are several customers in its surrounding…

Who is 33350?

Listing ID # 33350 Family owned screen printing and sign shop has been in business over 14 years. They have an extensive list of clients including schools, churches, non-profits, military and more. The company also has a full line of promotional items that can be ordered through their website online….

What is the importance of asking questions to a seller?

Asking the seller straightforward questions and getting straightforward answers in return is an important part of the buying and due diligence process . In this Discussion, both ProIntermediaries and Advisors offer thorough questions you should be asking during your meeting with a business seller.

What percentage of small business sales fall through?

The unfortunate truth is that approximately 50% of all small business sales transactions fall through. While failed transactions can happen for a variety of reasons, Peter Siegel, MBA (BizBen Founder & Lead Advisor) discusses the most common reason deals fall through; unrealistic asking prices.

How many small businesses are sold?

Only 30% of all small businesses for sale that are put on the market overall are sold! A surprising statistic to most business owners, agents, and brokers trying to sell a small business! If however you follow the strategies (BizBen Protocol Method) in this blog post you should see success!

What is the most overlooked aspect of selling a business?

An often overlooked aspect of selling (or buying) a small business is taking back-up offers during the entire process of selling (or buying) a business. Most sellers (or buyers) don’t realize that over fifty percent of all deals/contracts fall out escrow or contract for one reason or another.

When to use add backs and sellers discretionary cash?

The use of add backs & sellers discretionary cash is common among sellers of businesses when showing their financial information & explaining that the buyer will actually enjoy more profit than is shown. But buyers are cautioned to review documents closely. Peter Siegel, MBA with BizBen explains.

Is XLNT a profitable company?

Printing Company/Commercial. Well established, profitable company. Business enjoys an XLNT reputation with great reviews. Services hundreds of business accounts per year. Staff includes an office manager, prepress/graphic designer and binery/pressman.

Is buying a small business a process?

Buying a small business is an often arduous process. Peter Siegel with BizBen.com shares his strategies on this new Podcast session with Brian Loring who asks all the current & essential questions successful business buyers tend to ask and get answered before buying a small to mid-sized business.

What is an intermediary broker?

Intermediaries, Investment Bankers, and Merger and Acquisition Specialists are all brokers and advisors with different networks and abilities. As the transactions get larger the advisory aspect of a broker relationship increases in value to the Seller.

What is growth potential?

Growth Potential (the ways in which an energetic new Buyer can continue to grow the business)

What is the purpose of a CBR?

The purpose of the CBR is to encourage further response yet allow uninterested parties to disqualify themselves without taking up all your time. It won’t sell the business on its own. We recommend the following sections in the CBR: Confidentiality notice and disclaimer.

What is a confidential business memo?

This document, which we call a Confidential Business Memorandum or CBR, should include an overview of the business as well as operational, financial and marketing information. Photographs of your business are always a great addition to the CBR as are case studies, testimonials and customer profiles.

How to explain a business to a buyer?

Simply, clearly, and briefly explain how the business works and why the Buyer would be quite safe investing his money and time in your business. Explain briefly how the goods or services are sold, the work is accomplished, and who manages the process. How will they grow the business? If you have more than four pages of text add an executive summary.

What to do after completing a sales package?

After you have completed your sales package, go back over it with an eagle eye to ensure that the key benefits, organized systems, and growth prospects are clearly indicated. Make sure the financial information is clear even though it is summarized. Remember that this is a sales package not a college thesis but do look out for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and clarity of meaning.

What is subtraction in real estate?

Subtractions: savings that cannot transfer (usually under-market rent when the building is owned by the Seller)