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are packaged fruit juices healthy

are packaged fruit juices healthy

are packaged fruit juices healthy插图

Are packaged fruit juices unhealthy?

The packaged fruit juices are undisputedly unhealthy. These juices can be categorized as fruit drinks, juices, and nectar drinks. According to a study fruit drinks contain approx 20% of fruit, while fruit juices have 15-20% of fruits and last but not the least nectar drinks contain only 10% of the fruit.

Are stocking fruit juices really healthy?

Stocking seemingly healthy packaged fruit juices in households is not uncommon. At the same time, they are also often seen as alternatives to “unhealthy” carbonated soft drinks. But are these packaged fruit juices really healthy? Or is it just a myth?

Is drinking fruit juice really good for You?

Due to our busy lifestyle, everyone thinks that instead of grabbing a fruit or two, drinking a glass of packaged fruit juice equates to eating healthy and nutritious food. As per the claims of the companies, they are fortified with vitamins and minerals to boost your health.

Do juices have fiber in them?

In packaged juices, the skin of the fruit is removed, and it is pasteurized to kill the harmful bacteria present. However, during this process, most of the fiber in the fruit is extracted.

Why is fruit juice good for you?

Fruit juices cleanse the digestive system and help detoxify the liver and kidneys. Since fruit juices are easily digested, they are given to people suffering from nausea, poor appetite, or other digestive ailments.

Why do fruits need to be heated?

Heating destroys the beneficial microbes present in fruits. It denatures the enzymes, and minerals and vitamins are destroyed during this process. Most fruit juices contain added sugars or fructose corn syrup to enhance their taste.

What happens when you heat up fruits?

Heating destroys the beneficial microbes present in fruits. It denatures the enzymes, and minerals and vitamins are destroyed during this process.

Is fruit juice good for children?

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, consump tion of fruit juice as per dietary recommendations, as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet can provide essential nutrients without alleviating weight in children.

Is fruit juice a drink?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) defines fruit juice as either natural or pure 100% concentrate without any added sweeteners. Anything less than that is considered a drink, beverage, or cocktail.

Does cranberry juice help with blood pressure?

Cranberry juice is rich in Vitamin C, and helps maintain a healthy heart by controlling blood pressure , reducing bad cholesterol levels, and preventing blood clots.

Is it healthy to drink fruit juice?

The best option is to have whole fresh fruit, which is also ideally recommended by physicians worldwide. However, having these healthy supplements are also beneficial for our overall health and well-being. Hence, instead of opting for unhealthy package d fruit juices, you can have 100% fruit juices which are good sources of essential nutrients that will improve your health.

Does juice make you feel full?

Packaged juices lack satiety value i.e. you may not feel full even after drinking 3 glasses of juice. Whereas, if you drink one glass of pulpy fresh juice you will feel satisfied, or you can also opt for eating the fresh fruit directly. According to a study, the act of chewing and swallowing sends satisfaction signal to the brain.#N#readmore

Do juices have pulp?

In case, any of the brand claims to have pulp, it’s nothing else but chemicals. In certain fruits, the peel has essential nutrients that packaged juices always lack. (Image courtesy: Pixabay)

Is packaged juice bad for you?

Packaged juices often contain added preservatives to enhance their shelf life. They are high on sugar and are an excellent food for microorganisms. These preservatives along with sugar content can be harmful for your digestive tract. (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)#N#readmore

How long do juices last?

Fruits are never even close to good when boiled. If you see any bottle, tetra pack or a can of juice, all of them can last for a minimum of 6 months. How do we then contemplate these juices to be naturally squeezed & packed? So, there’s obviously something that prolongs their shelf-lives. That’s right. The heat treatments. These drinks are nothing but oxygen-depleted remains of the concentrate which is obtained after pasteurization. The entire intricacy of processing strips the juice of all the nutrition. The entire process renders the stuff a lackluster liquid. Why would you want to drink something like that? If thirst is a concern, grab a water bottle quickly!

Can fruit juice cause tooth erosion?

Dental case studies have demonstrated time after time, that packaged fruit juices containing significantly high levels of sugar cause dental erosion from sustained acid attacks, especially in kids under 3. So people, it’s not just the chocolates & candies. However, today, even sensibly responsible parents are easily gulled by the “organic” tags associated with certain brands of this packaged juice bandwagon.

Why do we eat water when we are hungry?

Our brain can always comprehend signals of satiety or feelings of “being full” upon feeding when hungry. First of all, most of the time, we confuse thirst for hunger. While water could be a savour here, we still love to gorge with these chilled, fancy liquids especially when they’re straight out from the fridge. WHY? Just because they taste insanely sweeter than water. And then, even after gulping 2 such bottles, we still refuse to stop. That’s because the sweetness gets us addictive & our ‘hunger’ never seems to satiate at all. No wonder, we gradually put on weight, feel sick, irritable & bloated for most part of the day.

Who is Kristen Ciuba?

Kristen Ciuba, a renowned nutritionist and health coach from Washington, says, “You register calories differently when you drink them rather than eat them. Many people get a third of their total daily calories from sweetened and caloric drinks.” She, therefore, suggests her clients to eliminate these sweetened & packaged fruit juices & beverages.

Is fruit a fiber?

Fruits are best known as the natural powerhouses of fiber. While a substantial consumption of fiber in our daily diet is always welcome for an active sort of living, these packaged juices are anything but fiber. NO, don’t succumb to brands that shout “PULP” either! Because there isn’t any. All that’s fed to you is artificial additives that are camouflaged with identical flavors.

Is our life stuffed with deadline driven goals?

But practically speaking, our life seems to be stuffed with deadline-driven goals & contention for financial security, which leaves us with very, very little time for our most important asset – our health. Planning and preparing every morsel we eat & every drop that drizzles down our throat seems pretty difficult, right? And yet, we have this enormous penchant for a perfectly healthy and disease-free life. The result? We are always on the lookout for quick-fix solutions that are labelled as healthy and require no effort. So, PACKAGED FRUIT JUICES, here we come!

Who is Ashvini Naik?

Ashvini Naik is a Yogaphile, fitness enthusiast and a former corporate software trainer. She is a happy wife and a Mom to a naughty 4-year-old daughter. She writes about parenting and fitness at https://www.fitbewell.com.