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can i get a package delivered to a post office

can i get a package delivered to a post office

can i get a package delivered to a post office插图


Does UPS Ground deliver to your home or post office?

“UPS Ground” is a service delivered by UPS to your home or a business. A USPS Post Office is considered a business, and will receive packages of any service level from UPS provided they are addressed first to the street address of the Post Office, and then may include a P.O. Box as a suite number.

How to find out which post office delivers my mail?

Sender mailing addressRecipient mailing addressSize and type of container or envelope you usedIdentifying information such as your USPS Tracking number (s),the mailing date from your mailing receipt,or Click-N-Ship label receiptDescription of the contents such as what it is and the brand,model,color,or size,if applicableMore items…

How do you track a post office package?

You can find your tracking number from one of these options:Your USPS Post Office shipping receiptYour email confirmation if you have shipped from USPS.comThe shipping confirmation email you received from an online retailerThe bottom peel-off portion of your USPS Tracking label

How to find USPS lost packages or missing mail?

let’s first hope you gave or had some form of tracking…Prove to the shipper thT you’ve not received the product or letter,what have you.Contact the postal superintendent for your area to start a search (that will pick up at the last place the item was tracked too …. …make Certain you have all the required paper

Can I pick up a package sitting at the Post Office?

Can you pick up a package from USPS early? Yes, most of the time you will be allowed to pick up a package that is sitting at the post office. However, you will need to make sure that your timing is perfect, and you will need to present a photo ID to prove that your name and address match what is on the shipping label. If you want to be certain that the package will be there and ready for you, then you should consider using the hold for pickup or package intercept service. This will instruct the post office to hold the package there until you can come and get it. Otherwise, the package might get onto the delivery truck before you arrive at the post office. It will then be too late to try and pick up the package.

Does USPS hold packages?

Yes, there are several methods by which you can have USPS hold a package for you. First, you can opt for the Hold for Pickup service when mailing the package. This will allow the postal service to hold the package at your local post office instead of attempting delivery to your address. They will notify you when the package arrives so that you can pick it up. Similarly, if you have placed a mail hold on your address, then packages will also be held during the time in which the hold is active. Package intercept service can also be used to hold a package. However, if the package is already out for delivery, then you have waited too late and the package cannot be held at that point.

When does the Postal Service deliver my package?

The postal service might attempt to deliver your mail and packages on the last day of a mail hold. However, you can also elect to pick them up yourself from the post office. If you have requested a package intercept or added the hold for pickup service onto a package delivery, then the postal service will not deliver the package. They will hold it at the post office for approximately 10 to 15 days for you to come and pick it up. If you do not pick up the package, then it will be returned to the sender.

How to intercept a package?

From there, you can submit your request to add the service to a particular package. As long as your package is not already out for delivery, then you should be able to add the service. If the package is successfully intercepted, then you will be charged for it. You can choose to either route the package back to the sender or have it held for pickup at your local post office. This would allow you to visit the post office and pick up the package before it gets on the mail carrier’s truck for final delivery.

How to check tracking status of USPS package?

Each time your package moves within the postal service’s infrastructure, the barcode will be scanned so that the tracking status is updated. You can visit USPS.com to enter your tracking number and see the latest status for your package. You should see updates each time the package leaves a facility, arrives at a new facility, arrives at your local post office, and heads out for delivery. You can even call USPS customer service or visit your post office to get tracking details as well.

How big can a package be for USPS?

Finally, there are some size limitations as well. The package cannot measure more than 108 inches in total length and girth length. Oversized packages cannot be intercepted. USPS marketing mail products and periodicals do not qualify and neither do items that are rerouted to a P.O. Box. You must reroute the item to a physical address or either have the post office hold the item for you. As previously stated, if your package is already out for delivery, then it is too late to add this service. Once your local letter carrier has the package and is making the mail delivery, then it is too late.

How much does it cost to intercept a package?

For that reason, there is an intercept fee associated with the service. The fee for the service is $15.25. You will only be charged this amount if the package is intercepted successfully. If it is too late or USPS is unable to intercept the package, then you will not have to pay the fee. Your credit card will only be charged once the intercept has taken place.

How to change address for USPS?

You have to make sure that you redirect your parcels to this address – just submit a USPS change of address request form. Then your mail will be sent to its new home until you request that it isn’t.

What is postal scanning?

Postal scanning lets people around the globe have more control over their own mail. You select a physical address in the USA. The mail arrives at the unit and subsequently, all the envelopes are scanned into the system. The images are then uploaded to your own personal and private digital mailbox where you can view and manage them from anywhere in the world on your smartphone, computer, or your tablet.

What to do if you don’t want junk mail?

If you don’t actually want the mail because it could be junk mail or you just don’t need a physical copy of it, simply request for it to be shredded. Doesn’t get simpler than that! So – just three super simple steps to getting maximum control and ultimate freedom over your own personal consignments and mail.

Can UPS tell if package has been delivered?

Once it has been delivered to the post office it then naturally leaves the UPS system and therefore UPS tracking is not able to tell you anything more about the package apart from that it has been delivered to your post office. Makes sense, right?

Does UPS deliver packages?

Well, yes , considering UPS is supposed to be a company that “delivers things”, it does seem odd to discover that they have asked the USPS to do the job for them. Quite often, it is simply the case that the sender has requested this method of transfer. As we mentioned earlier, it could be on the grounds that it is actually cheaper for the sender to have UPS get the package to your local post office than it is to have UPS personally deliver the package to your door or your mailbox.

Does UPS deliver to the post office?

It is with this type of service that UPS handles long-distance transportation and then the package is handed to the post office for the final local delivery. It’s not always the case that the company, such as UPS, will deliver to the post office, as sometimes it may decide to go ahead and deliver it directly to the final destination in any case – but this is a very seldom occurrence or could be the method chosen if the recipient has registered with the UPS-MyChoice feature and pays an additional fee to have the Sure Post consignment upgraded to something known as UPS-Ground.

Is the USPS mandated to serve every address?

The post system is mandated by law to serve every single address in the USA even if it could be that it loses money by doing so. UPS, DHL, FedEx, and other similar companies however are not actually decreed by law as they are private firms that do not fall under that statute. It just wouldn’t be profitable for these companies to serve smaller community addresses, and sometimes it’s not even possible for the UPS truck to access some of the single streets or private neighborhood roads just to get one package delivered to Auntie Dora. By leveraging the USPS network, the private companies can save money and yet still provide the postal service with some much-required revenue.

What Is General Delivery?

General Delivery is a service offered by the United States Postal Service that allows you to receive mail in an area in which you do not have a permanent address. This can be highly convenient for RVers who enjoy traveling on a more frequent schedule, as it allows you to receive your mail almost anywhere there is a post office!

What is a mistake made by many travelers?

A mistake made by many travelers is assuming that a location which accepts General Delivery also holds it for you to pick up. You’re probably thinking “Come again?! Why wouldn’t they?”

How far in advance should I call for general delivery?

Why is a service that is intended to be convenient surrounded by so many ‘maybes’ and ‘what ifs?’ The good news is that the vast majority of questions can be answered with a single phone call 1-2 weeks in advance of when you will need their service. Planning ahead allows you time to find a different location, choose to delay your mail to your next destination, or find an alternative service that suits your needs, all without the panic of ‘what do I do?’ once your mail is already en route.

How to avoid surprise USPS?

How do you avoid this surprise? Reach out to the post office location in advance and speak with their postmaster to confirm that they do receive General Delivery. While you have their attention, ask if there are any special circumstances related to General Delivery. Restrictions may include handling fees, additional postage, registering in advance to receive mail, etc. Again, we emphasize using the local number on the USPS website, not their toll-free number. The local one will get you to the office, the toll-free one will send you to national customer service, which is not as informed on daily procedures at the local office.

What time does the post office pick up?

That initial phone call is also a great time to ask if that location limits pickup to certain hours. While most post offices are open 8:00 AM to 5:00PM, they may not have staff on-hand to manage pick-up services all throughout the day.

Does USPS deliver mail?

You’ve used the USPS website to find a location, confirmed they do actually receive and distribute General Delivery mail, AND it’s near your campsite! Perfect! Now it’s time to go pick up your mail. But wait, there may be a catch…

Does the USPS accept general delivery?

In reality, there is a bit more to it that this, though. Before you know the address you should use, you want to select a post office nearest you that accepts General Delivery. You can find that information on the USPS website here. Once you’ve narrowed your options by location, you can review the list of available services to confirm that “General Delivery” is listed.

What is worse than waiting for a USPS package to be delivered?

The only thing worse than waiting for your USPS package to be delivered is watching the tracking, seeing it “frozen” the next town over , and wondering when it’s going to start moving towards your doorstep again.

Where Do I Pickup Packages That Have Been Intercepted?

Packages that have been intercepted can either be picked up at your local post office, at a USPS distribution center, or at addresses that they have been rerouted to.

Can You Pick Up a Package from USPS Before It Gets Delivered?

Right out of the gate, you should know that it’s not only possible to pick up a package from USPS before delivery is initiated (or completed) but that it’s actually super simple and straightforward to make happen, too.

What About a Package Hold?

A service individuals are going to want to be aware of when looking to intercept a package before delivery is the USPS hold for intercept service. Placing a hold on your package is different from a package intercept, and that you aren’t going to be rerouting it to another location but are instead going to be holding it at the next location along the delivery routes.

Can USPS Packages Be Picked Up If A Delivery Was Missed?

If you believe that your package delivery was missed (for one reason or another) you may be able to initiate an intercept, requesting the USPS hold your package for you until you can come down to the post office and get it yourself.

Can USPS Tell Me Where My Package Is Before I Initiate An Intercept?

One of the questions you’ll want to ask any postal employee before initiating an intercept attempt is where your package is at that particular point in time.

What does arrival scan mean?

Arrival scans (obviously) mean that your package has arrived at a specific USPS facility. There’s a good chance that if you contacted that facility directly and asked them to hold back your package for intercept they’d be able to track it down in their warehouses and help you out.

What is mailbox service agreement?

The mailbox service agreement is an agreement between The UPS Store location and the primary box holder for the duration you receive mail at that location. Contact your neighborhood location for more information on getting started.

Does UPS forward mail?

Yes. The UPS Store offers mail-forwarding services for mailbox holders. The representatives at The UPS Store can forward your mail to you, anywhere you are. Additional charges may apply.

Does UPS have mailboxes?

The UPS Store offers various mailboxes sizes. Contact your neighborhood location today to find out what’s available..

Can you receive packages from any carrier?

You can receive packages from any carrier with your mailbox agreement.

Can you allow someone to pick up mail?

You can permit people to pick up your mail by lending them the key to your mailbox. Possession of the mailbox key shall be considered valid evidence that the possessor of the key is duly authorized to remove any contents from the mailbox.