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can i pick up a package from amazon facility

can i pick up a package from amazon facility

can i pick up a package from amazon facility插图


Can I pick my package up before it is delivered?

Yes you can! As long as you have proper IDENTIFICATION, and you know exactly where your package is located at. Yes you can pick it up before it is delivered to you. Just go to your nearest Post Office and see if it’s there yet! There are a couple of things. I am unfamiliar with the redirect option.

Can I authorize someone to pick up my package?

Simply put you generally have to call the shipper and get them to authorize it unless the person picking up has identification with the same address as you. Then a call can be made to FedEx authorizing it.

Can someone else pickup my package?

If you need someone else to pick up your package on your behalf, they’ll need to bring both a photocopy of your photo ID as well as their own. The full name on the photocopied ID must match the full name on the package label. Can you pick up a package for someone else?

Can I pick up my package at the post office?

Yes, most of the time you will be allowed to pick up a package that is sitting at the post office. However, you will need to make sure that your timing is perfect, and you will need to present a photo ID to prove that your name and address match what is on the shipping label.

Are Amazon Pickup Locations Free?

Yes. There is no additional charge to use an Amazon in-person pickup location, whether you choose a Locker, Counter or store. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll still get the perks of free two-day, one-day or same-day shipping. If you’re not a Prime member and order something from Amazon for under $25, you will have to pay for shipping, same as if you shipped your package to your home or office, but there’s no additional fee added on.

Can You Return Your Amazon Package in Person?

Yes, so long as your item is small enough and eligible, you can return your package to a Locker or Hub Counter or store, even if you did not pick up your package from that location.

How to select shipping to Amazon locker?

To select shipping to an Amazon Locker, you can either search for and add your preferred Amazon Locker location to your address book, then select that as the shipping address when you check out, or you can also choose a Locker location at checkout by searching for a new Amazon Pickup location then.

How long does it take to get a package from Amazon Locker?

You have three days to head to your Amazon Locker and retrieve your package. Don’t get to it in time? Your package is automatically returned to Amazon and you’re refunded your money.

Why do packages arrive sooner at Amazon?

Maybe! This can depend on what you’re ordering, but users have found that sometimes items arrive sooner at an in-person pickup location because these packages don’t have to be sorted before they’re delivered. Instead, they’re dropped off earlier at the centralized site. That said, there are no guarantees, but if you’re down to the wire, check out the estimated arrival date if you switch your package to an in-person Amazon store or Hub to check if your items will come sooner that way.

Do you have to be a Prime member to use Amazon Hub?

If you’re a Prime member, you still get the same perks of fast and free shipping, but you don’t have to be a Prime member to use Amazon Hub locations.

Do you need an ID to pick up an Amazon package?

There’s no need to present an ID when you pick up, so if you’d like someone else to get your package from either a Locker or Counter, so long as you forward your email confirmation to them, they can handle it.

Place an Order

Naturally, everything begins when you place an order. This is true for any delivery item, but since we’re looking specifically at Amazon, the process begins when you place an order via Amazon (through their app or website).

Fulfillment Warehouse

The fulfillment warehouse is the heart of the Amazon logistical beast. There are a number of fulfillment warehouses around the world. These are the mega warehouses where items are stored before they are ordered, and it is here where the journey begins.

Packing Station

When the fulfillment center is identified, the item you ordered will be picked from the warehouse. It will then be sent to a packing station, which is typically located within the fulfillment center campus.


At this point, your package is ready to begin its journey. It’s worth noting that any number of days can pass from when you place your order until the package is at this point.

Distribution Center

When the package leaves the fulfillment center, its first destination is a distribution center. This is where packages are sorted so that they can be shipped successfully to their final location. There are distribution centers relatively close to every fulfillment center.

Carrier Facility

After your package has gone through all of the distribution centers on its journey, it will end up at a carrier facility. If you live close to a fulfillment center, this can happen on the same day. It can also take weeks to get to this point for international shipping.

Direct Delivery

Once the package makes it to the final carrier facility, it is picked up by a courier and delivered directly to you. This final courier can be an Amazon deliverer, or they can work for USPS, FedEx, UPS, and a number of other delivery companies.

What is an UPS delivery intercept?

The UPS has an important feature called UPS Delivery Intercept, which will basically allow you to intercept the package delivery schedule, in the case where you need to make some change to a package before it is delivered. Below are some of the changes that UPS customers can make through the UPS Delivery Intercept system.

Why do people use virtual addresses?

More & more people have been opting into virtual address solutions for mail and packages, for safety reasons, better pricing and an overall more streamlined process . No need to hunt down your UPS driver any longer; a virtual address will collect your package on your behalf.

What does it mean when UPS holds packages?

If you request that they hold your package after 8AM, then that means that they will simply not deliver it to you, in order to take it back to the UPS facility. If however your call to keep the package took place earlier than 8AM, then the package would be pulled and held in order for it to be picked up once the customer counter would open up. The time for that varies a bit, so make sure you do your research online or try calling in.

What is a virtual address for a porch pirate?

Virtual addresses are warehouse locations with on staff personnel and 24/7 security surveillance systems.

When does UPS hit the road?

First thing to consider, is that the UPS driver will hit the road at 8AM. Which means that if you have any chance at all of calling the UPS to have them keep your package from loading it on the truck, that would need to be done before 8AM. Up until 8AM, drivers will be waiting for all packages for the day to be received at the facility, …

When will UPS post a package?

Post date October 23, 2020. If you are waiting for a package from the UPS, and are not patient to wait for it to be delivered to you, you may be wondering if you can go pick it up yourself before it gets delivered to you. And although you may be thinking that while it is more convenient for you, you may be doing the UPS a favor, …

Does tracking map mean it is in a truck?

Finally, just because the tracking map is speaking of a package that is in a particular truck, does not actually mean that it really is there. For the most part it will be, but the way the packages are scanned is not based on whether they made it to the truck or not. Scanning happens earlier in the process, so there is a possibility that the package you are trying to get, is not in the delivery truck that is on the map.