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can i reduce my sky package

can i reduce my sky package

can i reduce my sky package插图

If you’re out of contract,here are a few quick tips to cut costs – there’s a more comprehensive list in our full guide below:1. Ditch optional extras. Paying for Sky Movies,but never watch them? …2. Call Sky and ask for a discount. First find out what newbies are paying as this will be useful ammo when negotiating.3. If it won’t budge,consider walking away. Some of the best deals are had when you’re prepared to cancel your service completely. …

How can I get Sky to lower my bill?

At most, you will probably reduce your Sky bill by around 10-20 per month at the most. Just give Sky a ring to see what your options are. 3. Cancel to get the best Sky deal If the easy options above don’t appeal to you and you’re out of your 12-month minimum contract, then why not haggle and keep your favourite channels?

How do I Cancel my Sky TV contract?

You can cancel by giving 31 days’ notice. If you are not tied into a contract there will be no charge, otherwise, you will have to buy out the remainder of your contract. If you are struggling financially, then contact Sky to speak to them about your options. Can I leave Sky if they increase their prices?

How can I get a discount on my Sky Bill?

An easy way to reduce your Sky bill 1) Give Sky a call or speak to them via live chat on t’web. Tell them you want to leave and they will offer a discount. 2) Now play the waiting game. Be strong. I usually receive a call within 2 weeks. The discount is generally in the…

How can I save money on Sky?

If you’re out of your 12-month minimum contract and you want to save money on Sky, you have 2 options. The first choice is to cut the number of channels you have. If you have sports or movies, this could save you a lot of money.

How can I get a better deal with Sky as an existing customer?

There are three main ways you can get get a cheaper deal as a Sky customer.

What if I really don’t want to leave?

Then don’t. If you haven’t received a decent offer and you’ve only a few days left before they cut you off, give them a ring and tell them you want to stay. They should still offer you some kind of discount but at least you can keep your account running.

What are the best Sky retention deals?

But I have never been offered less than 30% when following the above method. And the best deal was 60%, although this has only been once.

How to view my Sky bill?

On your Sky remote, press interactive. Highlight My Account, then press select. Then, highlight View my Sky bill, press select and enter your PIN. To view your current bill, highlight My current bill and press select.

How to contact Sky?

To get the ball rolling, give Sky a call on 03337 590 958. Alternatively, visit the Sky site and contact live chat. This is a little slower, but at least you don’t have to speak to somebody.

How long do you have to pay Sky bill before it is closed?

If you fall behind with your bill payments, Sky will restrict your account. You will then have 50 days to pay what you owe before your account is closed and your debt is passed to collectors with early termination fees added.

How to save money on Sky?

Now, if you fancy the simplest way to save money on your Sky bill, it’s by cutting the channels that you watch. If you have a movie and/or sports package and you don’t really use them, you can save a lot of money just by cancelling them. However, for most people, these are their favourite channels, so it’s not a great option.