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can packaging france

can packaging france

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Why choose Cancan packaging?

CAN Packaging offers a range of high-performance GREENCAN cans made of recyclable cardboard with easy opening systems for a low cost, designed for the direct packaging and storage of all types of food product. CAN PACKAGING was founded by Georges Sireix in 1989 in France.

Are there any exceptions to the packaging law in France?

The only exception would be for pure B2B-retailers outside of France, as in this case the French importer takes over the obligation for registration. There is a preference for sustainable packaging defined by the French packaging law.

When will single-use plastic packaging be banned in France?

French law sets the objective of banning single-use plastic packaging from the French market by 2040. In order to achieve this objective, France recently set reduction, reuse and recycling targets for 2021-2025 (e.g. the reduction target is 20% by 31 December 2025).

Do I need to register my package to ship to France?

Registration is compulsory from the first package shipped to France. The only exception would be for pure B2B-retailers outside of France, as in this case the French importer takes over the obligation for registration. There is a preference for sustainable packaging defined by the French packaging law.

What is green can?

GREENCAN® cans have a 92-98% recycled cardboard and virgin fibre content, and make packaging so much easier: with no metal base, plastic lid, tray or added film, the product is packaged directly in the can, safe from air, humidity and light. With the GREENCAN concept, take advantage of the expertise of CAN PACKAGING.

Is can packaging recyclable?

Ever since it was founded, CAN PACKAGING has been committed to an environmentally friendly approach aimed at developing non-polluting and recyclable packaging. For over 20 years, CAN PACKAGING has been offering its unique know-how in the production of purpose-designed cardboard cans for packaging food and other consumer products. Millions of cans leave the factory every year and are delivered to European customers.

Who is the inventor of can packaging?

CREATORS OF PACKAGING SOLUTIONS MADE TO MEASURE. CAN PACKAGING was founded by Georges Sireix in 1989 in France. Georges Sireix is an engineer with a degree from CNAM. For 45 years, he has been designing machines for manufacturing cardboard cans to measure, for each type of food packaging.


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What law penalized the use of green dots?

In addition, the Circular Economy Law and its implementing regulations introduced a penalisation of the use of the Green Dot by producers by doubling the amount of the eco-contribution due for packaging on which such signage is affixed, as of 1

How much plastic will be recycled by 2025?

2025: 100% of plastics must be recycled and 77% of plastic bottles for beverages will have to be collected (90% in 2029). Other specific measures intended to reduce plastic include: Larger retail stores must provide customers with clean containers suitable for reuse and accept that consumers bring their own container.

What is circular economy?

The aim of the Circular Economy Law has been to promote a “circular” economic model based on the eco-design of products, responsible consumption, the extension of shelf-life and the reuse of products and the recycling of waste.

When will food delivery be 50% plastic?

In addition, in February 2021, 19 stakeholders of the food delivery sector signed a Charter of commitment for the ‘Reduction of the environmental impact of packaging and Development of reuse in the food delivery sector’ with the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, which notably sets a target of 50% of packaging delivered without single-use plastic by 1 January 2022 and 70% by 1 January 2023.

What are the requirements for production, manipulation, and transport of industrial plastic granules?

Production, manipulation, and transport sites of industrial plastic granules must be equipped with equipment and procedures to prevent losses and leaks of industrial plastic granules and must undergo regular inspections by independent certified bodies .

What is a producer?

The notion of producer covers "any natural or legal person who develops, manufactures, handles, processes, sells or imports waste-generating products or the elements and materials used to manufacture them". Producers must register with a unique identifier from 1 January 2022.

What is the French circular economy law?

Waste prevention and management is regulated by French Environmental Code (FEC), as modified by the Law on the Circular economy (Law No . 2020-105 of 10 February 2020 – ‘Circular Economy Law’), which introduced new obligations on plastic waste that impact production and consumption habits. The aim of the Circular Economy Law has been …

Why must packaging be registered for recycling in France?

However, the reason is rather self-evident. By licensing packaging, manufacturers, importers, and retailers make a financial contribution towards the organization of a nation-wide recycling system. Since the recycling schemes are limited by state borders, the license is required where the packaging ends up as waste. If a product is sold cross-border to a consumer in France, its packaging must also be recycled in France. Hence, the contribution must be payed to a French recycling scheme and not in its country of origin.

What is the Triman logo?

The Triman Logo: Obligations for e-commerce in France. The Triman Logo is probably the most important recycling symbol in e-commerce. At least for online shops which ship to France. However, many sellers still don’t seem to know about it.

What is the EU packaging waste directive?

As suggested by its name, the EU packaging waste directive is a directive by the European Union designed to govern the recycling of packaging waste in the EU member states… what does that mean for your e-commerce business?

What are the characteristics of French packaging law?

Characteristics of the French packaging law. There is a preference for sustainable packaging defined by the French packaging law. In practice, businesses pay less for the recycling of particularly recyclable packaging. The same goes for when it is made of recycled material. This special rule, however, only affects sellers of large quantities.

Why is a packaging license required?

Since the recycling schemes are limited by state borders, the license is required where the packaging ends up as waste.

When will labelling be changed?

However, there are going to be some changes to the labelling obligations as early as 2021. It is therefore recommendable to always stay up to date with the help of a compliance consultant.

Is a packaging register required in the EU?

Packaging register in the EU: In these 5 countries it’s required. The German packaging register LUCID is already well known. But other countries in the EU have publicly accessible waste- and packaging registers, too. Companies that are not registered risk high penalties.

What is a levapack?

Levapack is a can packaging machine factory that specializes in the engineering and production of can packaging machines. and canning lines. Our canning machines cover the functions of can filling, sealing, labeling, coding, and packing. We work to. provide various types of can packaging machines to cater to the needs of …

What are canning machines used for?

Our canning machines are used on chemical products such as glue, ink, farm chemicals, and paint among others. These machines are designed to offer tailor-made solutions for different types of chemicals. For instance, with cleaning liquids, our machines are designed to work without dealing with foam produced when filling.

What is can packaging?

Our can packaging machines are designed to be used in the food industry. They can be used to package a variety of foods including tuna, cannabis, and nutrition powder among others. We tailor the design on these machines to ensure that the material form of the food involved can easily be accommodated. Additionally, we also feature the integration of a weighing device to make the filling and packaging process easier.

What is LPE support?

LPE provides any possible support to make your machine run smoothly.

What is the first priority in our production?

Quality is the first priority in our production.

Does every product need its own packaging?

Every product needs its own packaging solution. We’ve heard your needs !

Can an overload device break?

Safe Overload Device. The truth is, any machine can break. That’s why we integrate the overload device in our automatic series of machines. Once there’s a breakdown, the machine will stop working to prevent further damage to the electric parts.