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can you drop off packages at a ups access point

can you drop off packages at a ups access point

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Can someone else pick up my package at a ups access point?

Absolutely. If you need someone else to pick your package at a UPS access point, send them with your photo ID, or driver’s license bearing the recipient’s full name as in the package. What do I need for a UPS access point?

Can I drop off a UPS package at Staples?

If your location is included in the UPSAccess Point program, you have the liability to drop off a UPS package at Staples. You can drop your UPS parcels, which are pre-labeled and pre-paid, at Staples during business hours. But it’s better to arrive between an hour after opening and an hour before closing if you plan to print your label there.

What are ups access points and how do they work?

A UPS Access Point is a third-party retail location that offers UPS package drop-off or delivery services. Merchants and customers can use the secure digital lockers at UPS Access Points as a convenient place to drop off or pick up parcels. Google UPS access points near me and you’ll see thousands of UPS Access Point locations across the US.

Offer Your Customers Flexible Delivery Options

Give your online customers the option to have their packages shipped directly to a convenient UPS Access Point location. Here’s how:

For Retailers, Your Business May Be Eligible to Become a UPS Access Point Location

Gain additional foot traffic and increase sales. We’ll provide you with training, support and technological assistance to help you thrive. Apply here to become a UPS Access Point

Get Visibility and Control of Your Deliveries

UPS My Choice lets you redirect individual packages to a nearby UPS Access Point or set that location as your default delivery location. Plus you get a full view of all of your shipments.

What Is UPS Access Point?

A UPS Access Point is a local business that acts as a secure pickup and drop-off location for UPS packages. These UPS-affiliated businesses include grocery stores, gas stations, and other retailers. The Access Point itself is a touchscreen kiosk inside the business accompanied by a stand of secure lockers.

Why use UPS drop off?

Easy drop off: Busy merchants use these nearby drop areas to save time rather than arranging for package pickup or visiting a UPS Store.

How to find UPS delivery location?

To find a location near you, search for a local UPS Access Point near your. You just need to enter the zip code to find the nearest locations. You’ll see a list of nearby locations, the hours of operation, plus the delivery cut off time for UPS Ground and Air delivery.

How long does UPS hold packages?

UPS will hold a customer’s package for five business days. If the package is left longer than 5-7 days, the parcel will be returned to the merchant. To return an item via an Access Point, you need only drop off a UPS package at an access point.

How to save up to 70% on UPS?

To save up to 70% off your next UPS shipment, use Easyship. Our all-in-one shipping platform gives you instant access to our pre-negotiated discount rates, plus shipping automation for extra time-savings. To create a free Easyship account, click here.

Why do customers use lockers?

Accommodate a busy schedule: Customers use these lockers to ensure they can pick up packages at a time and place suits that fits their busy schedule.

What is easy return?

Easy returns: For customers, the availability and convenience of these drop locations make them ideal for staging a painless return.