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can you tell amazon where to leave a package

can you tell amazon where to leave a package

can you tell amazon where to leave a package插图

Through your tracking portal on Amazon,you can make a request for Amazon delivery instructionsby telling Amazon where to leave your package. But,this is just a request and does not necessarily have to be granted. Additionally,you cannot tell Amazon to leave your package in your mailbox since they are legally not allowed.

How can you tell where an Amazon package came from?

It is often impossible to tell where an Amazon package came from, as Amazon protects the anonymity of buyers. In some cases, the return address will give you a clue, and in others, the tracking number may help you to determine where the package was mailed from. In many circumstances, however, you will not be able to tell at all.

How can I protect my packages from Amazon?

If you are concerned about protecting your packages, you can either request Amazon delivery instructions to leave your package at your local post office or you can purchase a locking package box like the Costco Lockable Package Delivery and Storage Box.

How can I find out who sent a package to me?

If you have an Amazon package, and you’re trying to figure out who sent it to you, you may be able to get some information as to the person if the Amazon package arrived via USPS. Amazon makes information available on packages, depending on what package tracker tool you use, or by using the service through a mobile app, or through a web browser.

What to do if Amazon is leaving packages in your mailbox?

If you find Amazon is leaving packages in your mailbox, you can file a complaint directly to Amazon. Be sure to include your tracking number so they can find out who is delivering your packages incorrectly. Amazon will get in touch with the carrier who was responsible for illegally putting your package in your mailbox and get to the bottom of it.

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Why do they ship items in bubble envelopes?

When they ship items, they want to make sure that nothing happens to your item order. Its best to place small items in large bubble envelopes to ensure the best protection. Maybe send an email requesting they consider using plastic made from recycled products.

Where is the package program page on Amazon?

Navigate to the "Packaging Programs" page from Amazon’s "Help & Customer Service Center. " You can go there directly through https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display .html?nodeId=201910390

Does Amazon ship in large boxes?

Amazon packages sometimes come in nice, correctly sized boxes, but sometimes they come in large boxes with no packing material to keep them from sliding around. Formerly, Amazon offered a one-click path to leaving package feedback through your "orders" menu, but now offer a different process.

What is porch pirate?

During the holiday season, so-called porch pirates scour local neighborhoods yanking gifts from peoples’ property. But now, you can get one step ahead of the bad guys by conspiring with your delivery company to hide your goodies.

Does Amazon have its own delivery service?

However, Amazon is handling more orders these days with its own delivery service. Amazon’s subcontractors and independent contractors are making it easier to pass personal delivery messages and get your package in the exact way you want.

Where to drop off a package on Amazon?

You can leave a detailed note about where to drop your package: behind the garbage bin, in a bush or under the grill cover. Amazon also has a "Photo On Delivery" option that sends you a picture of your item when it arrives.