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de jong packaging

de jong packaging

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Who is de Jong Packaging Group?

Founded in 1996, De Jong Packaging Group is one of the largest corrugated packaging producers in the Benelux countries. The company specialises in corrugated trays and boxes mainly for fresh produce, e-commerce and industry.

Why choose Dede Jong verpakking?

De Jong Verpakking owns a modern and high-quality machine park for the production of corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard trays, folding boxes and other packaging. We have many erecting machines and two corrugated cardboard machines at our location in De Lier.

How can de Jong Packaging Group and Stora Enso work together?

Together De Jong Packaging Group and Stora Enso will accelerate revenue growth and build market share in renewable packaging in Europe. De Jong Packaging Group’s product portfolio and geographic presence will complement and enhance Stora Enso’s offering, especially in fresh produce, e-commerce and industrial packaging.

Industrial packaging from De Jong Packaging

You are looking for Fefco 0201 boxes, trays or corrugated boxes with special dimensions or your own design. Or you would like to have your own high quality preprint boxes? De Jong Packaging can help you with this. We design and run the production in our own factory.

Standard boxes

The standard Fefco 0201 boxes are used for general purposes like storage, shipping or even as a display box. By using the correct papers you are assured that your goods will be stored or shipped in the correct way and will reach the final destination. Of course we can deliver the boxes plain, flexo printed or with preprinted paper.


De e-commerce business is growing for years, so are the demands and possibilities of all webshops. Most of the packages are send out in corrugated boxes. Because of the wide variation of shipped products, we can offer many different boxes. As you wish, we can deliver your boxes plain or printed.


Shelf and Retail Ready Packaging are corrugated boxes designed to draw the most attention in stores. With attractive prints and interesting constructions your packaging will stand out from the competition. Of course we can advise you in all options and possibilities.


A bag in box is a corrugated box for a plastic container. We can run the boxes in different dimensions and with different prints.