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de stress care package ideas

de stress care package ideas

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What are stress relief gift baskets?

Stress relief gift baskets are thoughtful gifts that keep on giving. In just one basket like these, you’ll give your friend or loved one days of stress relief goodness. They’re great for any time of year, any season and for any reason.

What do you put in a care package?

We’ve included some unique printables to accompany your care package so you can dress up your gift for any occasion. They include box flap decorations that you can cut to size, fun tags to decorate with and matching stationery to write a heartfelt note.

How to create a stress-free home remedy?

Some good options include a stress balm. This stuff rubs on smooth and soaks in to help muscles relax. Provide a stick or tin so they can rub away the strain and stress. You might also want to include a candle. Everyone loves them. Go with a scent like sage and cedar or juniper berry to create a feel-good relaxing atmosphere.

How can I relieve myself of shopping-related stress?

But here you can relieve yourself of shopping-related stress by scrolling through our curated relaxing gifts from brands like Parachute, Bearaby, and Kiehl’s. Since we’re all about self-care, we also highly encourage you to add a few of these RR items to your personal stash. As they say, “Treat yo’self!”

How Do You Make a Good Care Package?

Our stress relief care package ideas are designed to give you a mixture of products that you can add to the basket or gift box at all different price points.

What is the best product to use for stress relief?

If there is one product that is used time and time again for relaxation and soothing it is lavender. The aroma of lavender helps to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety which is why it is brilliant to use as one of your stress relief care package ideas.

Why do you use essential oils in a gift box?

Essential oils are a brilliant item to use in a relaxing gift box because they use the power of aromatherapy to help change a person’s mental state plus they make a home smell wonderful as well.

What is lavender used for?

Lavender can be used in essential oil blends, lotions, shower steamers, rooms sprays and bath oils to name just a few product ideas. We however love giving friends and family Lavender Microwavable Neck Wraps for stress relief and to help reduce muscle tension in the neck and shoulders.

Why do people use wooden rollers?

Wooden foot rollers for the feet are another way to reduce stress especially if the person you are buying for spends a good portion of their day standing up. Massaging feet with this roller can help to assist relaxation as well as help foot pain caused by problems such as plantar fasciitis.

What is a good low price idea to help with stress relieving?

Another great low price idea to help with stress relieving is the good old bath bomb. Bath bombs are a great treat that can be added to your bath as they help with relaxation as well as body care.

What is a Muse Pillow Ritual?

Muse Pillow Ritual is a pillow mist that is infused with natural essential oils including lavender to relax the mind so that it switches off for sleep.

What is a self care package?

A self care package is basically just a gift basket but designed with self care in mind.

How many things should be in a self care package?

Ideally, a self-care package should contain 3 – 5 things inside which are related to each other.

Can you use essential oils in massage?

You can use essential oils in many different ways – from aroma diffusers to including them in massage oils.

Is self care physical or mental?

Remember, self care is as much physical as it is mental health.

Can you gift a spa package?

If the person you want to gift a care package to is a spa lover, then we can create a care package which can give at-home spa experience.

Is tea good for you?

Tea has a soothing effect and have many health benefits!

Do people use bath salts?

Most people already use warm baths and bath salts for self-care.

DIY Candle Kit

Making candles could be a way for them to release some stress and implement mindfulness into their free time. The kit comes with amethyst and rose quartz crystals, plus rose petals and relaxing lavender oil.

Patchology Moodpatch Eye Gel Mask

If they’re always scuttling around and short on time to treat themselves, these cooling gel masks work in just 10 minutes to soothe and depuff tired undereyes.

Ban.do Feel Better De-Stress Ball

Gift this colorful squishy ball for them to squeeze during intense Zoom meetings or while reading the news to help them soothe anxiety.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

For your gifting consideration: A SELF-approved hand cream that puts in the work. “The salve, which includes rich avocado and sesame oils, has a thick—excuse me, thicc —texture that enrobes your hands and soaks in within 10 seconds,” our commerce writer wrote. The comforting, medicinal smell of eucalyptus makes it even better.

NekTeck Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

If a stressed-out family member seems to always be on their feet, this soothing shiatsu massager is ideal for kneading the kinks out of achy soles. It even has a heated mode for warming toes during chilly winter months.

OSEA for Parachute Sleep Time Bath Salt

For the privileged friend who has a bathtub, tension-relieving bath salts make a fantastic stocking stuffer. These are infused with lavender to make winding down easy.

Kin Euphorics Dream Light Nightcap

We recommend mixing this chai-like nighttime drink into a cup of warm oat milk before bed. The nightcap contains 0.25 mg of melatonin, a hormone that helps control your sleep cycle, so they can gently wind down.


You don’t know what your student has been eating in the cafeteria, but you can probably guess what they’ve been eating outside of it. While junk food might be cheap, easy and tasty in the moment, it shouldn’t be used to fuel their studies.


Distance doesn’t have to drive you apart: with a little effort and creativity, it could even pull you closer. Don’t let this first year of college make you feel like your job as a parent is done. Your child will always need your support, and with care packages like these, they’ll be sure to feel loved.

Meredith Sweet

Meredith Sweet (B.S. ’17) graduated from Cornerstone University with a degree in journalism. In her time as a student, she has served as opinions editor for the campus newspaper and chairperson of Encore, CU’s student theatre group.

How to help someone with stress?

Help your friend or loved one focus on the positive things like love, happiness, joy, and peace by giving them a gift basket that helps them destress and stay calm. Categories:

How to get rid of under eye bags?

Eye mask. Place a rejuvenating eye mask in the basket to help soothe away those under-eye bags. Lotion. Ramp up the comfort with silky, calming lotion that has ingredients like oatmeal, lavender, shea butter, and calendula oil. 2.

What is stress relief basket?

Stress relief gift baskets are thoughtful gifts that keep on giving. In just one basket like these, you’ll give your friend or loved one days of stress relief goodness. They’re great for any time of year, any season and for any reason.

What to do for a friend who is most content meandering through their day?

For the friend who is most content meandering through their day doing many things, put together a basket that lets them pick and choose how they want to relax.

What to do when someone is going through a difficult season?

When someone is going through a particularly difficult season, or if they’ve just come through one, give them something to help them relax. Giving a stress relief basket will help show someone you care about their health and well being.

Why do you need a foot hammock?

By giving them a foot hammock, they will be able to sit back and relax even if they’re at their desk. It’s worth adding a special glass perhaps engraved with some favorite jazz music notes for them to relax, and listen to more smooth jazz.

What to use to help muscles relax?

Some good options include a stress balm. This stuff rubs on smooth and soaks in to help muscles relax. Provide a stick or tin so they can rub away the strain and stress.

What to expect at an overnight camp?

Going to an overnight camp for the first time can be nervewracking for all involved, but your little camper will return with new friends and fun memories while you get some time to yourself. Whether it’s a summer camp, church camp or sports camp, your kids will appreciate a care package full of goodies and activities to keep them going through the week. Plus, at their age, nothing is more exciting than receiving mail!

How to pamper your loved one at home?

Treat your loved one to a spa night at home and pamper them with a special care package full of luxurious goodies. Tell your sweetie to put on some relaxing music, light some candles and cozy up for a chill night in.

What to send someone when they can’t be together?

Perfume. Matches. There’s always an occasion to send your love to someone. When you can’t be together, remind them how much they mean to you by sending a care package their way. Filled with goodies and personal items, you can send joy, comfort and memories to them no matter how far away they are.

How to get rid of a cold in college?

Catching a cold in college is hard to shake off, especially without mom there to make you feel better. Send medicine and feel-good items to your college student and let them know it’s okay to take a break to get some rest. Care package ideas: Cold and flu medicine. Cough drops.

What to send to a soldier during deployment?

Taste of home. Send some of your soldier’s favorite snacks to indulge in during their deployment. Some of the easiest snacks include non-perishable foods, hard packaged items (rather than in a plastic bag) and anything that can be added directly to water.

What is care package?

Care packages are a great way to send your love and let your college student know you’re thinking of them. Whether they’re a little homesick or under pressure during finals, these college care package ideas will send a little piece of home to comfort and encourage them.

What to keep in mind when shipping internationally?

When shipping packages internationally, remember to keep in mind: Size and weight restrictions. The time it takes for your package to ship (try to send non-perishable foods) Include a card listing the materials in case the package comes open. Limit items since soldiers have limited personal space and storage.

What is the Woodland Zen necklace?

This necklace contains a Jade and Lapiz Lazuli grounding crystal and stone pendant. The pendant is also made of black walnut which is known for its ability to empower. This mindfulness pendant is sure to bring intuition to its recipient.

What is a stress ball?

This stress ball is perfect for those that need a fidget toy. Squeezing it can provide a soothing effect, and it can release muscle tension. Emily, the creator, made these to ease her hands from overuse playing the piano. The lemons are crocheted with cotton yarn and filled with polyester pellets. Emily’s shop has many color options to choose from, and she gladly accepts custom orders.

What is Jack’s Mountain Soap?

Jack’s Mountain Soap put together a beautiful mindfulness gift basket that makes a great care package for the important gal in your life. This is an all-in-one spa package that includes a bar of soap, body butter, and cocoa butter lip balm. Everything is handmade with all-natural ingredients and no artificial detergents, parabens, SLS, or premade soap bases. The cold press soap is super creamy, deeply moisturizing, and feels luxurious.

What is an organic relaxation gift set?

This organic relaxation gift set is customized for healing and self-care based on your astrology sign. You’ll get a beautiful piece of art, tea, and energy raising sprays. This is a great set for coworkers that need more positive energy. Many reviewers say their recipients loved the gift.

What crystals are used in Feng Shui?

Crystals included are hematite, rose quartz, amethyst quartz, smoky quartz, and rhodonite. All of which produce calming effects, improve peace, relieve anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

What is a wood and fashion roller?

Wood and Fashion creates therapeutic wooden muscle relaxation rollers. These rollers help improve blood circulation, can help remove cellulite, smoothes out the skin, and shapes the muscles. You can use this post-workout to ease sore muscles, and you can also work out knots.

What is a Nutty Gnome kit?

Nutty Gnome has crafted an amazing all-in-one self-care kit for pampering yourself and easing stress. Each kit includes a volcanic lava pumice stone, two bamboo makeup removal pads, bamboo cotton buds, a natural loofah, a bamboo toothbrush, a bamboo straw, an organic bath bomb, a bamboo washcloth, and a customizable gift tag. Everything is packaged in 100% recyclable and biodegradable material. The shop gladly takes custom orders, just send a message.