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do it yourself garage packages

do it yourself garage packages

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Do you need a metal garage kit for a DIY project?

You need a metal garage kit for a DIY project. Besides, you are a do-it-yourself pro and take pride in creating your own things. Call Garage Buildings today at +1 (888) 234-0475 to order customizable steel garage kits. Everything will arrive in a convenient kit, complete with instructions. Got Questions? No Worries

How do you build a simple garage?

If you want to know how to build a garage, follow these basic steps: Make a plan and take measurements of the area. Get the local permits needed. Order your materials or your DIY kit. Build a foundation. Build your frame. Assemble the walls. Install the outer sheathing.

Why should you choose a custom garage kit?

Your custom garage kit will allow you to build a structure that can hold up against frequent use and harsh weather for years of reliable use. If you love DIY projects, our garage kits are a great choice because you’ll still be able to say that you built your garage yourself.

Can a garage kit be delivered to my driveway?

And for your convenience, your garage kit will even be delivered to your driveway. For the local market, we can even install the building for you. Each piece is lovingly crafted and precision cut, with a helpful instruction manual that tells you how all those pieces go together.

What colors are available for steel garage kits?

Your custom steel garage kit will also come in your preferred color! Check out these appealing shades: Barn Red, White, Vintage Burgundy, True Burgundy, Tan, Slate Blue, Sandstone, Grey, Evergreen, Earth Brown, Clay, Black Cardinal Red, and Beige.

What is a regular roof garage?

A regular roof garage comes to a point at the top like traditional roofs. However, it is almost akin to a barn as it has curved edges. A regular roof garage has horizontal paneling and is ideal for areas experiencing mild weather conditions.

What is vertical garage roof?

A vertical roof garage features an A-frame design . However, it has paneling in the vertical direction. Furthermore, it comes with additional bracing, which makes it perfect for regions with extreme weather. If you have a large structure that is longer than 36′, this roof is best.

How to contact Garage Buildings?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about high prices and over-the-top delivery rates. Garage Buildings wants to work with your budget. Call now at +1 (888) 234-0475 to ask about rent-to-own options and other financing programs available for steel garage kits.

What is a one car garage?

This spacious one-car garage is perfect for your vehicle and additional equipment that needs storing.

Can steel garage kits withstand rain?

The steel building garage kits can withstand different weather conditions. The metal building experts at Garage Buildings design them to handle harsh rains, snowstorms, winds, and more.

How long does it take to install a sandbox?

The process of assembling and installing is straightforward, and it takes less than a day.

Do You Need Planning Permission to Build a Garage?

Many times, the need for a permit depends on the size of the building: Our one-car garage kits for sale may not require a permit in your area, but a two-car garage could require one.

Why do you need a custom garage kit?

Your custom garage kit will allow you to build a structure that can hold up against frequent use and harsh weather for years of reliable use. If you love DIY projects, our garage kits are a great choice because you’ll still be able to say that you built your garage yourself.

Can you build a garage yourself?

When you order one of our DIY garage kits, you know you’ll be getting a structure made of quality materials, so whether it’s windy, snowy, or pouring rain outside, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your garage is designed to withstand those conditions. Thanks to our self-build garage kits, you can build a garage yourself and still get the security of our design expertise. Your custom garage kit will allow you to build a structure that can hold up against frequent use and harsh weather for years of reliable use.

Can you customize your garage?

Not only can you customize your new structure’s design, but you can also choose the color scheme of your garage. Shop for kits in a range of colors that can match or complement your house and other storage structures on your property to perfection. You might also like your garage to have the same type of roof design as the other buildings on your property. Our garage building kits for sale let you customize all of these options, so you can create a garage with just the right look.

Garages by Carter Lumber

Building a garage is a great way to increase the value of your home and increase your storage space at the same time. Carter Lumber offers a number of garage plans we can adapt to your unique situation. We can also help you create a completely custom garage from drawing up the plans to performing the construction.

Two Ways to Build

Carter Lumber has years of experience helping our customers plan and build custom garages. Compare our many garage plan offerings to see which one best fits your needs.
Start customizing Now

Your Garage Your Way

Get your garage project started the easy way, with a Carter Lumber garage package. We’ve done all the work and planning for you. Each package includes all the materials necessary to help you get your garage built right, including detailed plans and instructions that are easy to follow. Compare garage projects now.

What is metal building?

When extra space is needed at home or work, metal building kits and prefab steel buildings can provide great options that function well and look great. There is an array of standard building types available to suit most people’s needs, and custom metal buildings can be designed for specific situations according to individual expectations. Whichever option is chosen, it’s bound to offer distinct advantages of form, function, and price.

What are the advantages of prefab steel buildings?

Prefab steel buildings offer distinct advantages of versatility as to how they are to be used and assembled. By following a modular design, they offer the environmental advantages of less waste and more efficient use of materials. They can be assembled by an in-house team, or a homeowner with mechanical aptitude can assemble their own. They can be designed to fit any space according to the end user’s needs.

What is a regular roof?

Regular roof style provides a standard pitched roof designed for local weather conditions. An area with heavy snowfall, for example, may require a steeper pitch, rainy areas only need to provide proper drainage, dry desert conditions can often use a roof with a very low pitch.

What is metal carport?

Metal carports provide cover for cars, boats, or outdoor equipment which although designed to withstand the weather, is better stored with some protection against heavy storms and direct sunlight.

What is an A frame roof?

A-Frame roof style is essentially the same as a regular roof, but with a much steeper pitch which can provide attic space for storage or a heightened ceiling according to the types of equipment which may be stored or used in the building.

What is industrial metal building?

Industrial metal buildings are intended for the rigorous use of industrial applications, whether as material storage, working factory conditions, or product display and office space.

How to contact Metal Building Kits?

For more information about metal building kits, contact us at +1 (888) 234-0475. One of the professional representatives will be happy to discuss your needs and either recommend or custom design a building perfect for your needs.