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does the royal caribbean drink package include gratuity

does the royal caribbean drink package include gratuity

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Do you pay gratuities on Royal Caribbean cruises?

For shorter sailings with 3 nights or less, Royal Caribbean only allows cruisers to purchase the drink package on the first day of the sailing. Gratuities are also included when you purchase one of Royal Caribbean’s beverage packages. This means you won’t be hit with additional gratuity with each drink you enjoy during your cruise.

How much does a beverage package cost on Royal Caribbean?

Prices for a beverage package are as follows (prices before gratuity or VAT): The Deluxe Beverage Package includes any single beverage item with a value of up to $12: The Refreshment Package includes: How do I purchase a Royal Caribbean beverage package?

What is the deluxe beverage package on a Carnival Cruise?

Additionally, the Deluxe Beverage Package only includes drinks up to $13 per drink before gratuity. If you want to splurge for a more expensive beverage, you’ll need to pay the difference between the cost of the drink and the $13 per glass allowance. The $13 per drink allotment is a shock for many cruisers.

How much does an unlimited drink package cost on a cruise?

Many cruisers refer to it as the “unlimited drink package” because it includes nearly all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available. The price of this package on the ship is around $63 to $89 per person per day (plus gratuities). Prices for this drink package and the others offered by Royal Caribbean vary by ship, sail dates, and itinerary.

2021 Royal Caribbean Beverage Package Overview

Royal Caribbean offers a few drink packages to consider. Each package provides guests with an unlimited allotment of servings of the specific beverages their package includes.

Is a Royal Caribbean Drink Package Worth It? – Pros and Cons

We have used Royal Caribbean’s drink packages on a number of occasions and we have also paid out of pocket for our drinks on even more cruises. The drink package has an equal number of fans and critics. We tend to fall somewhere in the middle, disagreeing with both extremes.


Overall, whether a Royal Caribbean beverage package is right for you is a highly personal decision, based on a lot of variables. There is no flat "yes" or "no" answer to determining if a drink package makes sense for everyone, but hopefully the considerations in this post can help with your decision.

Your thoughts

What is your experience with Royal Caribbean’s beverage package? Thinking about using it? I would love to hear your thoughts about a Royal Caribbean beverage package, and how it works (or does not work) for you, in the comments! If you have questions, ask them there, too.

What is a Royal Caribbean drink package?

A drink package offers a prepaid, fixed price for unlimited drinks during a Royal Caribbean cruise.

How do I purchase a Royal Caribbean beverage package?

Guests can purchase a drink package before the cruise via Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner website, or by calling 1-800-398-9819 up to two days prior to the cruise.

Can I order multiple drinks at a time with Royal Caribbean’s drink packages?

No, drinks ordered with a Royal Caribbean all-inclusive beverage packages must be ordered one at a time.

Are gratuities included in the Royal Caribbean beverage package cost?

At the time of purchase, a service charge is added to the drink package cost. This 18% gratuity covers all drink package purchases made onboard the ship, so no additional cost is required by the guest when ordering a beverage.

How do I cancel my Royal Caribbean beverage package?

You can cancel the drink package up to 2 days prior to your cruise easily via the Cruise Planner site.

How am I identified as having purchased a beverage package?

The bottom right corner of your SeaPass card will either be stamped with text, or have a sticker affixed to it that indicates you have a drink package.

Are beverage packages available on all sailings?

A drink package is available on most sailings that are two or more days, with the exception of 2- or 3-day sailings from Southampton, England.

Royal Caribbean Drink Prices

Before discussing the price of Royal Caribbean’s drink packages, it’s essential to understand the cost of drinks onboard the ship. Royal Caribbean’s drink prices are higher relative to other mainstream cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages

Royal Caribbean offers a choice of three all-inclusive drink packages, as well as a premium coffee package.

Is a Royal Caribbean Drink Package Worth It?

Before purchasing a drink package from a cruise line, we always suggest running the numbers before you buy.

Does Royal Caribbean Ever Offer Free Drink Packages?

Royal Caribbean doesn’t offer free drinks packages. However, you might be able to find an all-inclusive deal that includes the drink package bundled with your cruise fare.

Can I Find Free Drinks Onboard?

When you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are several places where you might find free drinks.

Do Crown & Anchor Members Get Free Drinks

Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society awards cruisers with points for every night they spend onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

How Do I Buy the Drink Package?

Royal Caribbean makes it easy to purchase the drink package. There are three ways to order the drink package:


I have searched but am unable to clarify the gratuities for the Deluxe Beverage Package. We have prepaid for the package on the Cruise Planner. Will additional gratuities be added to our final bill after the cruise? (Beyond the $14.50 service gratuities per person, per day)


Gratuites are included with all beverage packages at the time of initial purchase


Well gratuities will be ADDED to the final price before you check out. For example, if the Deluxe Beverage Package is listed for $50.00 per day, you would wind up paying $59.00 per day ($50 PLUS 18% gratuity) when you checked out.