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how do i send a package with fedex

how do i send a package with fedex

how do i send a package with fedex插图

Things You Should KnowPackage your item in a mailing envelope or box,then fill out a shipping label online and print it out.Select a delivery method based on how quickly you’d like your package to arrive.Drop off the package at a FedEx location,or arrange for a pickup from your home.

How to get FedEx to pick up a package?

One-time pickupOpen an account or log inCreate your shipping labelsComplete your pickup request

How to see when FedEx will deliver a package?

Track your package:By visiting our tracking web application.By downloading the FedEx Mobile app and entering your tracking number or scanning the barcode on your door tag. …By texting “follow” and your door tag number to 48773 (ex: follow DT999999999999).By calling 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339) and say “track my package,” then follow the prompts.

How do you pick up a package from FedEx?

With your FedEx account, you can request a one-time shipment pickup, *and we’ll send a FedEx team member to you. Schedule through the pickup application or while creating a label in FedEx Ship Manager . **1. Open an account or log in. 2. Create your shipping labels. 3. Complete your pickup request

How much does overnight shipping cost FedEx?

FedEx Standard overnight in a half-pound FedEx Envelope starts at $32.03 if it gets there by 3 PM. If you need it FedEx First Overnight, delivered by 9:30 AM), it starts at $65.56! If you need it FedEx First Overnight, delivered by 9:30 AM), it starts at $65.56!

How to ship a package with FedEx?

You can also visit the pros at any FedEx Office location to get friendly in-person help picking the right shipping box, as well as shipping options based on delivery time and shipping cost. Step 1. Plan your shipment based on destination. Step 2.

How to attach FedEx label to container?

Print and attach the FedEx label. Slide your completed label into a clear plastic pouch and remove the adhesive backing. Then, firmly apply it to the largest flat side of the shipping container. Take care to avoid taping over the label, and don’t cover it up in any way.

How to put a label on a shipping container?

Slide your completed label into a clear plastic pouch and remove the adhesive backing. Then, firmly apply it to the largest flat side of the shipping container. Take care to avoid taping over the label, and don’t cover it up in any way. If the label is too large to fit entirely on one side of the package, make sure the barcode is on one side of the seam and the recipient’s information is on the other.

Can you use FedEx packaging?

The only time you have to use FedEx packaging is when you use FedEx One Rate ®. Otherwise, you can use any sturdy, undamaged packaging for your shipments. If you’re reusing a box, just make sure any old addresses and barcodes are completely covered. You can also get more packaging tips and order free FedEx supplies.

Do you have to buy FedEx boxes?

You don’t have to buy FedEx boxes; they’re free! You can pick up free FedEx boxes and other packaging supplies at your local FedEx location, or order them online at fedex.com.

Does FedEx have a rating tool?

With our rating tool, you can calculate rates based on your preferred delivery speed and destination and then compare which FedEx ® shipping service is the best option for you.

Can you use prepaid labels as return labels?

Prepaid labels created via Returns do not have to be used as return labels. Create multiple shipping labels with your FedEx account. Create a single shipping label with or without an account. Create a FedEx account.

How to fill out a FedEx shipping label?

You’ll also need to add a description and value of the item you’re sending along with the weight of the package. You can fill out the forms by hand in any FedEx store, or fill them out on the FedEx website and and print them out home.

How to send a FedEx package?

Learn more… Sending a FedEx package is easy and convenient. First, you’ll need to package and label the item . Then, you can select and pay for the delivery service that best suits your needs. Finally, you can send the package off and track it online. No matter what you’re shipping or to whom, you can send it through FedEx for a quick …

How to package FedEx?

You can visit a nearby FedEx store or order the appropriate packing supplies online. Generally, you should use a mailing envelope, standard corrugated card board box, or shipping tube, all of which are available in a variety of sizes. Use bubble wrap to pad the package, if necessary. Be sure to securely close the packaging, either with the built-in glue strip (for envelopes), by applying packing tape across all the seams (for boxes), or reinforcing the sealed ends with packing tape (for tubes).

What to do if FedEx loses package?

If FedEx damages or loses a package you sent, provide the purchase receipt and fill out a claim form online at http://www.fedex.com/us/fcl/pckgenvlp/online-claims/index.html.

How to pay for FedEx shipping?

In the store, you can use cash, check, or a debit/credit card. If you choose to print the label online, you’ll need to pay with a debit/credit card or do an electronic funds transfer before you can print out the label. To determine the rate of a particular package, go to https://www.fedex.com/ratefinder/home?cc=US&language=en&locId=express .

How long does it take for a package to arrive?

You have many options for domestic packages, including same-day delivery, next-business-day delivery, 2- or 3-business-day delivery, or ground delivery (1-5 business days). For international packages, you can choose fastest-possible delivery (1 business day), international priority (1-3 business days), or international economy (2-5 days).

How to put labels on shipping containers?

Place the label on the largest flat side of the container. Slip the completed label into a clear, plastic pouch and peel off the adhesive backing. Firmly attach the label to the largest flat side of the shipping container, and make sure you don’t tape over the label or cover it up in any way.

How to create a shipping label?

Create a shipping label 1 Ship without a FedEx account using a credit card 2 Email a shipping label to yourself or to your recipient 3 Create a shipping label with your phone or computer

How to ship without a FedEx account?

Ship without a FedEx account using a credit card. Email a shipping label to yourself or to your recipient. Create a shipping label with your phone or computer. ship as a guest. Learn how to create a shipping label.

When to choose overnight package?

Choose overnight when you’re facing a tight deadline to get your package there the next business day.

How to avoid shipping fees?

You may be able to avoid large package shipping fees by sending the items in several boxes versus one large parcel. Although you’ll need to pay the standard shipping rate for each box, shipping multiple smaller packages may or may not be less expensive than shipping an oversized package and incurring additional charges.

How to ship a large package?

Determine how to ship your large package based on weight and size. Weigh and measure your package to determine your shipping method, which might be standard delivery, oversized shipping, or freight. You can use a tape measure to calculate the overall length and girth of the box and weigh the package with a standard bathroom scale.

What tape do you use to seal a box?

Opt for heavy-duty packing tape. Once you’ve securely placed your items in the box, seal it with reinforced packing tape, following the "H" technique along the seams. Do not use masking, duct, or Scotch tape for shipments.

What is FedEx Ship Manager Lite?

For basic one-piece envelope or package shipments, FedEx Ship Manager Lite is the fastest way to create a shipping label with or without a FedEx account.

What is a FedEx account?

A FedEx account is required. — An advanced shipping tool that allows you to customize your shipping experience. — Prepare shipping labels for multi-piece shipments to the same destination address. — Create a return shipment and customizable reports. — Access and use your FedEx address book.

Is FedEx shipping easy?

Choose the right shipping option for you and get started today. Shipping with FedEx is quick and easy.

How are international shipping rates calculated?

International shipping rates: Rates and transit times are calculated based on the commodity you are shipping, its destination and how quickly you would like the shipment to arrive.

What is the most common document required for non-document, commodity-based shipments?

The most common international document required for non-document, commodity-based shipments is the Commercial Invoice. It provides information for customs authorities, which helps them assess if the goods can move in or out of a country and what, if any, controls are needed. It also helps them determine duties and taxes. Other common documents include the Pro Forma Invoice (for shipments of free goods such as product samples, catalogues or products not intended for sale), Certificate of Origin and Packing List.

Why is it important to keep shipment descriptions consistent?

Keeping descriptions of shipment contents consistent and detailed across all required documents will help reduce customs delays. A good description must answer the following questions for each commodity being shipped:

Why do we need to classify commodities?

Every commodity needs to be properly classified under the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) codes to meet the U.S. and foreign governments’ customs requirements.

What are some examples of items that are prohibited from shipping internationally?

Examples include switchblade knives, soil, African Elephant Ivory, and Kinder Surprise Eggs, to name a few.

What is the purpose of a shipment?

The shipment purpose can drive the need for certain customs document requirements as well as impact duties and tax calculations.

What is EEI in shipping?

If a validated export license is required to export your shipment or if your shipment is over $2,500, Electronic Export Information (EEI) will need to be filed through the Automated Export System (AES).

How to fill out a FedEx airbill?

Fill out the airbill. Use a black or blue ink pen to fill out the name, address and telephone number for the shipper and receiver. Check the box marked “Sender” in section 7 of the airbill which contains the billing information. Clearly write your Fedex account number in the space marked “Fedex Account No.” Leave the line for credit card information blank.

How to get a FedEx account number?

Sign up for a Fedex account number. A Fedex account can be obtained online at the Fedex website (fedex.com) or by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339).

What are the benefits of FedEx?

The benefits of a Fedex account include discounts on shipping rates and more advanced reporting tools.