how to add a scorm package in moodle

how to add a scorm package in moodle

1. Mood Board

Every branding package needs a starting point that serves as the foundation for your brand. When it comes to branding that starting point is generally a well-thought-out mood board.

2. Logos

Every proper branding package will always include a logo design. During the design of the logo, a brand designer uses elements from the mood board and simultaneously makes decisions about the color palette and the font (more on that later).

3. Color palette

Another key element of every branding package are the colors and the specific combinations of colors that are used. Colors are one of the main ways to evoke emotion or express the image you want your business to have. At the same time, they also serve a practical use and make it easy to make future design decisions.

4. Fonts

Fonts are the final design element of the ‘big three’ (logo, colors, fonts) when it comes to a branding package. Just like colors fonts express certain emotions and they, therefore, must be in line with the goals you have for your business.

5. Pattern design

From there on we reach the ‘optional’ branding package items. Depending on the business you have your needs will differ from other business owners. Most branding packages will therefore have optional elements. One of them is pattern design.

9. Presentation Templates

If you have more of an offline business that requires you to present your products and/or services to different crowds then having presentation templates is another great way to easily carry out your brand.

10. Package Design

Remember when we talked about pattern design and how this is a useful feature for, for example, packaging? Well, you can take it a step further in a brand package and let the designer create a complete package design.

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