how to add a scorm package in moodle

how to add a scorm package in moodle

Tow Vehicle Configuration

One of the first questions RV dealers will ask you is what are you going to tow with? Most times, you’ll give them your year, make, and model, and they’ll give you a rough estimate of what you can tow.

Payload vs Towing Capacity

There is often some confusion between the concept of payload and towing capacity. So which one do you need to pay attention to when it comes to towing? The answer is both. Your payload is defined as the load weight a vehicle can carry, including people, cargo, tongue and hitch weight, and vehicle options.

Vehicle Wheelbase Ratio vs Trailer Length

Something else most dealerships overlook when selling you a camper or tow vehicle is the wheelbase ratio—that is, how long your vehicle’s wheelbase is in relation to your trailer’s. Why does this matter? It matters because a vehicle with a short wheelbase will have a much tougher time towing a long trailer.

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