how to add a scorm package in moodle

how to add a scorm package in moodle

What is included in the tow package for the F150?

You get a 7 wire harness, hitch receiver, auxiliary auto transmission oil cooler, radiator upgrade, smart trailer tow connector, upgraded front stabilizer bar, and engine oil cooler. The regular F-150, on the other hand, comes with a standard tow package that you can upgrade with three additional tow packages.

What is the standard towing package for Ford Expedition?

For heavy duty towing applications, you can boost it further with a 536 tow package that includes a radiator upgrade, electronic traction assist, pro trailer backup assist …

What tow package does the Explorer have?

The Explorer also has another tow packages available for it, well. You have the 52R option, which comes with a Class III trailer hitch receiver rated for 4,500 pounds with a weight distributing mount. The Ford Expedition, the brand’s flagship full size SUV, comes standard with a 7 wire harness, a standard Class IV trailer hitch receiver, …

What is the 52R kit?

The Ford Explorer comes standard with Trailer Sway Control, so the 52R kit meant for it simply comes with a 4 pin trailer wiring harness as well as a Class II trailer hitch receiver. This kit requires a 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine to be used effectively for towing. The Explorer also has another tow packages available for it, well.

What is a Class I tow package?

Depending on the tow vehicle that you have, you may be able to avail of a Class I trailer tow package for light duty towing, to something capable of commercial class towing with a gooseneck trailer tow package. Ford labels its various tow packages depending on the maximum trailer weight the whole setup can safely carry.

What is a Ford trailer tow package?

A Ford vehicle is a very capable machine in itself, but a Ford trailer tow package, properly installed and used with the appropriate trailer, can really boost the towing capabilities of the entire setup. A Ford trailer package, or a Ford trailer selector as they are sometimes referred to in the manufacturer documentation, is a set of equipment options that upgrades the weight rating of the tow vehicle.

What is the wiring harness on a Ford Flex?

A Ford Flex, the mid-size crossover SUV that superseded the Ford Taurus X, uses the same 53G kit, but with a 7 wire harness with a 4 pin and 7 pin connector. You also get an auxiliary engine oil cooler for the non-EcoBoost engine models. The receiver itself is rated at 2,000 pounds.

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