how to add dependency to package json

how to add dependency to package json

What is branding in business?

When a firm offers “branding,” however, it may be referring to only one or two aspects. To decide which one your business needs, you must take into account where you are in the evolution of your business, assess your current challenges and goals, and determine the best partner to address them.

What does it mean when a designer says they will design your brand?

When a designer says they’ll design your brand, they really mean your logo, website, and identity materials. It would be more accurate to say they are designing your visual brand. They often will want you to provide your own messaging and copy, and they will completely rely on you in terms of positioning and strategy.

What is Worstofall design?

We started Worstofall Design as a visual design firm , and over the years evolved into a messaging and design firm and ultimately into a business strategy, messaging, and design firm as we gained more and more insights into clients needs.

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