how to add nuget package in visual studio 2010

how to add nuget package in visual studio 2010

What is included in Norwegian drink package?

Norwegian’s premium drink package includes: Soft drinks, beer, frozen drinks, cocktails, spirits and liqueurs and wines by the glass up to $15 per drink.

How many sodas are in a Norwegian cruise?

There are 2 soda packages available on a Norwegian Cruise Lines, one for children 12 and under, and one for adults and kids 13 and over. The pop package includes these fountain sodas: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mt. Dew, Ginger Ale, Tonic water, Club Pop. If you’re likely to drink 2 sodas a day or more, this is 100% worth the money.

Does Norwegian have free at sea?

Norwegian has been running a very popular promotion for years. The Free at Sea program offers include a choice of free open bar, a free specialty dining package, a free wi-fi package, free shore excursions credits, and kids sail free (on certain sailings). For your own reference, the open bar package which is included with NCL’s Free …

What drinks are included in Norwegian cruises?

On a Norwegian cruise, you’ll find unsweetened iced tea, lemonade, select juice, water, drip coffee and tea, and filtered water (no bottled) included with your cruise. Most of these drinks are available free of charge in the buffet and in the dining rooms and restaurants.

How to make unsweetened ice tea taste better?

Random Cruise Tip: Make unsweetened ice tea taste better by adding a slice of lemon and a package of artificial sweetener like Splenda. As we learned in our years of cruising, when my husband would add 3 packages of sugar and still tell me his ice tea wasn’t sweet, sugar doesn’t dissolve in cold or icy water.

Does Norwegian Cruises include bottled water?

What’s not included: It’s important to note that unlike the drink packages on Celebrity and Princess Cruises, Norwegian’s premium beverage package does not include bottled water or specialty coffee and tea.

How much does a Norwegian drink cost?

On average, frozen cocktails and drinks on Norwegian cost about $9-13 a glass. Mojitos and martinis will be a bit higher at about $13-15 a glass. Drinks with premium liqueurs will be $18 and more. Wine by the glass is about $9-10, while beer is $6-9. Specialty coffee is $3-4, as are soft drinks.

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