how to address a package to germany

how to address a package to germany

How much gratuity is included in Norwegian drink packages?

So for a $99 a day drink package, you’ll actually pay $118.80 per person. For the $128 drink package, you’ll pay $153.60 each day.

What is free at sea?

Put simply, the Free at Sea program gives you your choice of free perks, ranging from a free drink package to free Internet to free/discounted airfare. If you get the drink package for free, just know that you will have to pay the gratuity on the package, despite the cost being free.

How much is the Norwegian Premium Plus package?

And unless you have premium tastes, your favorite liquors will be included. The alternate package is the “Premium Plus Beverage Package.”. Priced at $128 per day , this is Norwegian’s most expensive and highest-end package.

How much does wine cost on a cruise?

Wine runs $10-15 a glass, and cocktails run $12-15 each. If you’re paying full price for the drink package, you can see that you have to drink a considerable amount each day to breakeven. If you want some help in estimating what you’d spend, see our Cruise Drink Package Calculator here.

What is included in a corks and caps package?

There is also a “Corks and Caps” package that includes soda, beer (both bottled and draft), and wine. If you’re not a cocktail drinker, then this package might be for you.

How much does a soda cost for a 21 year old?

In the case of kids under 21 years old, they are required to get the soda program, which runs either $5.95 per day or $7.95 per day, depending on their age.

Does Norwegian Cruise Lines drink package work on Harvest Caye?

On Harvest Caye there are a number of bars and restaurants, but even though the island is run by Norwegian, the drink package will not work here.

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