how to address a package to someone at a business

how to address a package to someone at a business

What is FedEx One Rate?

FedEx One Rate is a predictable, ?at-rate shipping option that can potentially be more affordable than the retail rates.

Why are shipping charges different than estimated?

Charges at the time of shipment might be different than those estimated if the package weight, dimensions, origin, destination, currency conversion rate, or other factors change between the time a customer receives an estimate and the time they actually ship the package.

Does FedEx hold at location?

Reduce theft risk. When you choose FedEx Hold at Location, you can have your package held at thousands of secure retail locations. This reduces the risk of theft and allows you to pick it up when and where it’s convenient for you. You can even re-route your package mid-shipment with FedEx Delivery Manager.

Is international shipping more expensive than domestic shipping?

International shipping is more complex than domestic. Shipping costs are based on the destination country, what you’re shipping, and how much the package weighs, among other factors. International fees, duties, and taxes might also cause your shipping costs to be higher.

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