how to address a package to someone at a business

how to address a package to someone at a business

Why do businesses use custom packaging?

Because of this, businesses tend to opt for stock packaging that doesn’t necessarily do their brand justice and in turn hurt their reputation. The purpose of custom packaging is to bring your branding to the forefront and make an impact that your target market will find hard to forget.

Why is corrugated packaging so popular?

The safest option, corrugated, remains a popular material choice for custom packaging because of its durability and low cost. They are easy to assemble, work for a large variety of products and are cost effective to produce, making them a more versatile option to consider for your material choices.

What is rigid packaging?

To put it simply, rigid packaging consists of the highest quality, thick greyboard and it’s final construction is done by hand. Rather than printing a simple dieline that allows you to fold your packaging accordingly, rigid packaging is constructed by glueing each edge and surface together by hand. Source: PakFactory.

What is special coating?

Specialty Coatings. If you simply have more than enough of your budget to invest in packaging design that requires more unique elements, you can also opt for special coatings. These types of coatings are recommended for long-run orders due to its extra costs. However, if budget isn’t a problem, why not!

Why is laminated paperboard so expensive?

Laminated paperboard boxes are widely regarded to have the best quality, but are typically more expensive due to its protective properties. Long-run projects typically prefer to use lamination due to their longevity and dust resistance.

Why use a folding carton?

If you’re looking to pay low shipping costs, folding cartons are your best bet because it is lightweight, allowing for larger orders for less costs.

What is a box insert?

Box inserts are a cost effective way to add an extra layer of support and protection for your products. Source: PakFactory. Box inserts are available in; Carton (bleached and SBS white paperboard) – The cheapest option and less protective but still offers structure as well as printing and finishing capabilities.

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