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how to put package bees in hive

how to put package bees in hive

how to put package bees in hive插图

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Hold your package firmly with two hands and shake your bees over the hive. If your bees are sticking to the sides,you can hold your bees a couple inches off of the ground and drop them gently to get them moving. Continue to shake your package over the hive until a good majority of the bees are out.

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  • How do you install a bee package?

  • The most common way to install a bee package involves simply shaking the bee s into the hive 鈥?after the queen is in place. pick up the package of bees and pour (yes pour) a small mound of bees directly on top of the frames holding the queen cage Once your queen cage is placed inside the new hive. Remove half the frames 鈥?or just 3 or 4.

  • How to install bees in a new hive?

  • Now, here’s how you can effectively install your bees in your new hive. Choose a good time of the day, when it is sunny, warm and not too windy. Mid to late afternoon works well. Be sure and take all your equipment to where you will install your package.

  • Can I install package bees into a Langstroth hive?

  • If you want to install package bees into a langstroth hive, read on. Instructions for installing bees into a top bar hive can be found here. A 3lb package of bees.

  • How do you get bees out of a package?

  • Gently pull the queen cage out of the package and set it off to the side on top of the frame. Turn the package upside down and gently shake it to help the bees fall into the hive. You may need to strike the side of the package to help move the bees into the hive. Dadant Sons Pro Tip: Don鈥檛 worry about getting every single bee out of the package.