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is amazon packaging discreet

is amazon packaging discreet

is amazon packaging discreet插图


Is Amazon shipping discreet?

Amazon Shipping is NOT discreet, Amazon shipped package contents are disclosed on all Amazon exterior shipping labels,including items marked as gifts.Sorry… Do you find this helpful?

Do you ship out in plain brown packaging?

All orders ship out in plain brown packaging with no indication of the contents visible on the outside of the box. There will be a simple shipping label that reads: 10 of 15 found this helpful. Do you? Ha, discreet shipping! If your order comes from one of the Amazon distribution centers, there’s a 50/50 chance it will not be discreet.

What is discreet shipping?

USPS, UPS, and FedEx offer discreet shipping to their customers at no extra cost. The major couriers maintain a high level of discreteness so that even the delivery guy won’t know what you ordered. The products are shipped in a standard box with only the customers’ names and addresses.

What are the most common items that use discreet shipping?

Items like adult products, high-value items, and vape products are the most common items that use discreet shipping. So, how does discreet shipping work, and how can merchants implement this strategy for their eCommerce business?

Why do I have to tell my parents that I ordered from different Amazon warehouses?

Tell your parents that because the orders were shipped from different Amazon warehouses that they’re arriving in different shipments. I’ve had this happen to me for real numerous times when placing an order for multiple things, so I don’t see why you couldn’t use it as a perfectly believable excuse.

What is a nondescript shipping label?

If the item is shipped by Amazon and not a third party, the shipping label is nondescript.

Does Amazon have a name on the box?

the packages only indicate that it is from amazon.com. However certain retailers through amazon list their name on the box as well. Why did…

Can you put a logo on an Amazon package?

It depends on who’s sending it. If its a third company party than they may have the logo on it. If its amazon then no. But I doubt many sellers would describe the package on the front of it especially if its an item some people may want to keep secretive.

Is Amazon unmarked?

Yes, they are unmarked. They usually have a company name or something but they don’t tell what the product is or give any indication. I have ordered things from Amazon that I didn’t want my neighbors seeing in my mailbox and it was ok.

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