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is love honey packaging discreet

is love honey packaging discreet

is love honey packaging discreet插图

Lovehoney uses discrete,plain packagingand they only use the street address on their returns label; not the company name. No one will know the contents of your parcel unless they open it. I’ve ordered from there for almost 10 years and flatmates/uni reception/family have been none the wiser.

How do I return a Lovehoney product?

On sex toys and bondage products, Lovehoney has a 100-day money-back promise, where you can return your item and get a full refund for up to 100 days. Is there a Lovehoney store near me? No, Lovehoney is an online-only store so all shopping has to be done online. 1. Find the Lovehoney voucher code you’d like to use and click the ‘Get Code’ button.

What is Lovehoney health?

As experts in sexual happiness, Lovehoney offer a wide range of products and services, like sex toys, lingerie, bondage and other essentials. In an effort to improve and educate people on sexual health, Lovehoney has a Sexual Health service called Lovehoney Health.

Can people tell if you have bought from Lovehoney?

Only people who have also bought something from Lovehoney are likely to know what online shop you have ordered stuff from… It’s really discreet. I just got a rabbit and it just came in a plain Brown envelope. The sender says LH and that’s it 🙂 ah its arived then,we wont be hearing much from you for a few days then lol

How can I get a discount on my Lovehoney order?

Newsletters: Save 15% on your first order by signing up for the Lovehoney newsletter. Subscribers also get access to the latest deals, advice and sales alerts. Shop the sale: Lovehoney has great sales all year round like up to 50% off lingerie and sex toy kits and date night deals.

How many people shop incognito on Lovehoney?

This is borne out by the fact that 30% of those who shop with Lovehoney do so in incognito mode.

Is all of the IT infrastructure in the cloud?

And not only will they not be hampered by the cost and complexity of stores, all their IT infrastructure is now in the cloud, meaning that everyone is left to focus on the business.

Is Forbes opinion their own?

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Who is the chief commercial officer of Lovehoney?

To find out more, I travelled to Bath, and to the (they won’t mind me saying) rather modest headquarters of Lovehoney, there to talk to chief commercial officer, Debbie Bond, about wellness, sexual happiness, their success and the adult toy market.

Hints & Tips

To stay up-to-date with Lovehoney, subscribe to their emails. By signing up to the Lovehoney newsletter, subscribers get the latest deals, advice and sales alerts, plus 20% off your first order when you sign up. For more promotions and competitions, make sure you’re following the Lovehoney Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


Yes. Both Royal Mail Tracked 2-3 day delivery or Hermes Tracked 2-3 day delivery is free when you spend over £40. If you spend under £40, delivery is £3.99.

How to use Lovehoney discount codes

1. Find the Lovehoney discount code that you want to use, read the T&Cs and head to their website. You can find these discount codes on the T3 Lovehoney discount code page, their website and emails.

What is Lovehoney Health?

As experts in sexual happiness, Lovehoney offer a wide range of products and services, like sex toys, lingerie, bondage and other essentials. In an effort to improve and educate people on sexual health, Lovehoney has their Sexual Health service called Lovehoney Health.

About Lovehoney

Lovehoney is a sex toy, lingerie and erotic gifts retailer, based in Bath, UK. Founded in 2002, Lovehoney is an internet-only business that offers specialist products designed for men, women and couples. With the tagline ‘the sexual happiness people’, Lovehoney has become one of the most popular sex brands and toy manufacturers in the world.

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What makes good honey packaging?

Great packaging shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand , and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them. Packaging communicates all of that through color, shape and other design elements. Learn how to make your honey packaging tell your brand’s story.

What is Maison Granola?

The idea with Maison Granola is to make people enjoying eating daily healthy food, and stimulating their sens (taste, smell ) by using … spicies, superfood and natural flavour they usually don’t use. Maison Granola is also about transparency about what people eat, we use only natural organic ingredients, products have only nutrition nutriscore (A & B). The general idea is to have something Soft, Gourmand, modern and clear.

What is a Hese?

hese are crunchy granola bars like Nature Valley. We already have soft chewy granola bars so I would like to emphasize that these are Crunchy.

What is the Golden logo?

The Golden logo is the impetus for this design. The hexagonal "O" is repeated in the black hexagon gummy bite shape, which is dripping a spectrum of brilliant color, instead of honey.

Is Manuka honey real?

It is the number one honey in the market. One flower, Manuka. It is the only real honey in the market. We are the ONE source for the best honey in the world. The word ONE is as minimalist as you can get. It stand for pure.

Does honeycomb need image purchase?

In this proposal I developed the vectorial development of the honeycomb, it does not need image purchase and shows the concept of the brand. Contains ORGANIC´s icon designed to support the brand philosophy.

The 16 Best Places to (Discreetly) Buy Sex Toys Online in 2022

Sex toy sales have gone through the roof during the pandemic, and they’re expected to continue to grow at an eight percent rate for the next seven years.

1. Lovehoney

You’ll appreciate this adult toy site for its wide selection and reasonable prices on everything from what you’d expect (vibrators, dildos, etc.) to more wide-ranging sexual health offerings.

2. Ella Paradis

This sex toy superstore has all the brands we love, including the wildly popular Womanizer, which is one of the top-selling sex toys of the pandemic and is, remarkably, an air press-enabled and touch-free orgasm factory.