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is the unlimited dining package worth it on royal caribbean

is the unlimited dining package worth it on royal caribbean

is the unlimited dining package worth it on royal caribbean插图

Royal Caribbean advertises its dining packages will save up to40% off the list priceand it is quite accurate. Considering most specialty restaurant cover charges run between $35 to $50 per person, a dining package has the potential to save a lot of money.

What is the unlimited dining package on Royal Caribbean cruises?

Royal Caribbean first introduced their Unlimited Dining Package on cruise ships back in early 2019. Basically, the package covers all specialty dining venues, and gives you the opportunity to dine as many times as you like during your cruise. I recently purchased the package for a three day sailing on Mariner of the Seas.

What are the disadvantages of Royal Caribbean’s dining plan?

This is the one big disadvantage that we see with Royal Caribbean’s dining plan. Competitor lines do allow you to make reservations before you board even with a dining package. Similar to a beverage package, the Unlimited Dining Package on Royal Caribbean must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise.

Are there any specialty restaurants on Royal Caribbean that are à la carte?

They are one of the only specialty restaurants in the Royal Caribbean that are still priced -la-carte. One important thing to know is that beverages are not included in the dining package of specialty restaurants. However, if you have the Royal Caribbean Deluxe Beverage Package, then your beverages are covered.

What is the unlimited dining package?

What is the Unlimited Dining Package? The Unlimited Dining Package allows guests to enjoy multiple specialty restaurants* every nights of their sailing for one low price. Guests will also be able to enjoy lunch at specialty dining restaurants on sea days.

What is specialty dining?

Specialty dining is an optional set of restaurants that have an additional charge to dine there, and are quite a popular alternative for some cruisers who prefer other kinds of cooking styles and cuisines.

What is the importance of a cruise dining package?

Investing in a cruise dining package assures that all those dinners will not run up your bill.

What to do before buying a dining package?

Before you buy a dining package, research which restaurants are on the ship you have booked, and determine if they are a good fit for your family. Some ships may only have a few restaurants, while other ships have quite a few options.

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Can you dine at more than one restaurant?

You want to dine at more than one specialty restaurant. If you want to eat at just one restaurant, a dining package does not make sense, but as soon as you start planning to dine at more than two, a dining package can make financial sense.

Which class ships have specialty restaurants?

Oasis and Quantum Class ships offer the greatest amount of choices that can offer a different specialty restaurant every night of your cruise. Other ships may require repeating certain restaurants over the course of a cruise, which may or may not be a problem for you.

Can you have multiple restaurants on a cruise?

Dining packages offer a flat fee for enjoying multiple restaurants on your cruise, and it will absolutely save you money compared to eating at the same amount of restaurants if paying out of pocket. The key is knowing if you want to dine at more than one.

What is the best thing about cruising?

One of the many great things about cruising is the abundance of dining options on today’s mega-ships. Even though there are plenty of complimentary options, there are also several signature options to enjoy during a cruise. Earlier this year, Royal Caribbean International released its new Unlimited Dining Plan.

What is complimentary reservation?

A complimentary reservation is made for the first night at your preferred dining time. Once you board the ship, you will want to head to a restaurant to make your remaining reservations and/or alter the complimentary reservation made on your behalf for the first night of the cruise.

What does Don Bucolo love?

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.

Does Chops Grille charge for second entree?

Restaurants like Chops Grille or Hooked Seafood charge additional fees for a second entree. At a la carte restaurants, like Izumi or Playmakers Sports Bar and Arcade, you receive a food credit for up to $35. Unfortunately, you are not able to make reservations pre-cruise once you purchase the package.

Can you get reservations that overlap?

Although, getting reservations that overlap are not usually permitted. For restaurants with a flat fee (e.g., Chops Grille or Jamie’s Italian), the plan entitles you to all the starters and desserts you want to order. Restaurants like Chops Grille or Hooked Seafood charge additional fees for a second entree.

Can you eat at multiple restaurants on a cruise?

With the package, cruisers can eat at all of the specialty restaurants onboard, minus the Chef’s Table, as many times as they want during the trip. In theory, you could eat at multiple restaurants for each meal. Although, getting reservations that overlap are not usually permitted.

How much does a specialty dining package cost?

Most specialty restaurants have prices that are between $35 to $50 per person, so a dining package can really save you a lot of money. The Royal Caribbean’s ship presents a wide range of tasty food is covered in your cruise fare. Specialty dining always offers a way to show and delight in diverse culinary choices.

What is a dining package at Royal Caribbean?

The Royal Caribbean dining package is a convenient way to allow guests to delight themselves in several specialty restaurants at a discounted rate. To learn more about the Royal Caribbean dining package, here are the important facts you must know.

What does it mean when you have no specialty dining packages scheduled for your cruise?

If there are no specialty dining packages scheduled yet for your cruise, that means your sail date is scheduled too early. Just check the site from time to time for the availability of the dining package of your choice.

What is complimentary on Royal Caribbean cruise ships?

A few of the newer Royal Caribbean cruise ships have supplementary casual choices that are also complimentary, such as the Park Café, which serves sandwiches and salad stop that is available for breakfast, lunch, and late afternoon bites. Below are the complimentary restaurants that are available on different ships.

How many nights can you get on Royal Caribbean?

At present, you can get a 3 to 5-night dining package for a 7-night cruise.

How many waiters are there in a specialty restaurant?

Every specialty restaurant has a specific dining staff, so there are several waiters and waitresses at each restaurant. These staffs are not the same as the crew in the main dining room.

What class ships have café promenade?

Café Promenade. They serve snacks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, sandwiches, and pastries all through the day and night. Available on Voyager, Freedom, and Oasis class ships.

What to order at Chops Grille?

If you are looking for a quiet relaxing lunch, I would suggest heading straight to Chops Grille. Order up some shrimp cocktail, a wedge salad, and an 8oz filet, and you will be on the right track to getting the most out of your package.

When did Royal Caribbean start offering unlimited dining?

Royal Caribbean first introduced their Unlimited Dining Package on cruise ships back in early 2019. Basically, the package covers all specialty dining venues, and gives you the opportunity to dine as many times as you like during your cruise.

Where is Johnny Rockets on the ship?

It was a quick walk from my lounge chair overlooking the pool on deck 12 midship to Johnny Rockets which is located on the same deck aft. Since I already had the unlimited dining package, it was the perfect option. Both Jamie’s Italian and Chops were open for lunch on our sea day as well, if those sound more your pace.

When did Matt start cruising?

Matt started cruising in 2004 and has since taken over 50 cruises. When he’s not on a cruise, you can find him talking about or planning his next one.

Can you dine at two specialty venues in one night?

If you really want to step up your game, try dining at two specialty venues in one night. I personally wouldn’t do this though, as it would take up way too much time in one evening. I would also need to be rolled back to my cabin. I just couldn’t chance missing out on the night life onboard!

Does the Chef’s Table package include gratuity?

Also to note, the package does not include Chef’s Table. This is it’s one exclusion.

Can you carry luggage onboard Playmakers?

Either option here surely beats dealing with the buffet area on embarkation day. If you decided to carry on your luggage onboard, there is an added bonus to hanging out at Playmakers. You can simply put your bags in a corner, and forget about them as you hang out until your cabin is ready.

What is the Unlimited Dining Package on Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean’s new Unlimited Dining Package allows cruisers to enjoy multiple entrees at specialty venues. Cruisers can also dine at multiple specialty restaurants every day of the cruise with this plan.

When will Royal Caribbean start offering dining packages?

Royal Caribbean has just rolled out its most inclusive dining package to date. Beginning April 12, 2019, cruisers are now able to purchase this new dining plan option pre-cruise in the online Cruise Planner. Get all the details of this new package in our Everything You Need to Know about Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Dining Package.

How old do you have to be to add kids to a cruise?

Children ages 6-12 can be added to the reservation once onboard the ship for a reduced $10 cover charge.

When will cruise by Heidi be released?

Cruise by Heidi Last updated on: April 15, 2020. April 18, 2019. Royal Caribbean just released a new dining plan. Get all the details in our Everything You Need to Know about Royal Caribbean’s Unlimited Dining Package.

Can you dine at more than one restaurant on Royal Caribbean?

Cruisers can also dine at multiple specialty restaurants every day of the cruise with this plan. Yes, in theory, you can dine at more than one restaurant on any given evening of your cruise pending availability.

Does Unlimited Dining include specialty restaurants?

Most specialty restaurants appear to be included in the Unlimited Dining Package though an official list has not yet been provided by the cruise line.

Is Ultimate Dining Package being converted to a new plan?

It has been reported that cruisers that had already purchased the former Ultimate Dining Package for an upcoming cruise are being converted to this new plan at no additional cost.


We will be sailing on the Freedom after it’s AMP’ed, and we love food. LOL. If that helps anyone.


We have sailed on RCL several times now and we are curious about giving the specialty restaurants a shot…..


I understand the AMP’ed Freedom only has Giovanni’s, Izumi, Playmakers & El Loco Fresh?


Be realistic about whether your boys will want to eat with you every night, too…. my son loved to eat with his buddies and get back to doing teen things, versus sitting down for a served meal.


I never thought about that since we have always been with other family and friends (they would have friends-family too). Good point. I would honestly be ecstatic if either met other teens on the ship. The hubby and I dont need them trailing us saying how bored they are.


Did the press releases mention the MDR, Windjammer, Cafe Promenade, Sorrentos, etc.?

How long did we do the UDP on the ovation?

We did the UDP on the Ovation a couple of weeks.

How many restaurants are there on Freedom?

On smaller ships (Freedom and below) we usually will do a 3 night and possibly go back to one for a 4th night. Those ships typically have 3 restaurants: Chops, Izumi and either Jamie’s or Giovannis

Is breakfast included in Quantum of the Seas?

It was a cruise to nowhere (test cruise from Singapore) so we could go to the specialty restaurants for lunch & dinner. Breakfast is not included but we found a lot of options at MDR or Solarium Bistro. My fave was Wonderland (for the experience) & Chops (filet mignon of course), my teenage girl loved Izumi & my boy preferred Jamie’s & Chops. There’s something for everyone and desserts everyday!

Is Playmakers food good?

Playmakers – Food was good sports bar food if you are into that sort of thing and was great to just munch on late night watching a game. I think you could order up to 11pm

Is the MDR cruise worth it?

For us, the UDP is a lot of food. When we first done it, we made the mistake of treating it like a three night package where to want to try a larger selection for a particular speciality resturant forgetting the fact you can go back there again, and again, and lunch on sea days. Once we did it on a three day cruise to nowhere and we felt like we spent my waking hours going from one restaurant to another; too much food. The offer on the cruise planner sales, especially when 50% off , make it great value for money. If you add up the individuals prices for restaurants you want to try and then the special on there UDP, it is a no brainer and well worth the money.

Should you do chops +1 on a ship?

I would say if you are going on a ship that has many specialty dinning options then you should definitely do it. If you are going on a ship with fewer options it might make more sense to do the chops +1 or something else.

Did we enjoy the food in Playmakers?

We did enjoy the food in Playmakers quite a bit while watching a game later in the evening.