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how many bees come in a package

Best answer Packaged bees are measured by the pound. There are 3-4,000 bees per pound,or about 7,000 bees in a 2-pound package and about 10,000bees in a 3-pound package. (Honestly,no one really counts the bees!) People also ask How many bees are i

how to put package bees in hive

Best answer Hold your package firmly with two hands and shake your bees over the hive. If your bees are sticking to the sides,you can hold your bees a couple inches off of the ground and drop them gently to get them moving. Continue to shake your pa

how to install a bee package video

People also ask How do you install a bee package? The most common way to install a bee package involves simply shaking the bee s into the hive 鈥?after the queen is in place. pick up the package of bees and pour (yes pour) a small mound of bees dir