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what is rs package on camaro

Best answer The RS package for the fifth-generation Camaro included high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps,20-inch wheels,unique tail lamps,and a rear spoileras well as other trim changes. RS is a common automobile designation for specific trim or

what is the rs package

Best answer RS stands for Rally Sport,which originally was an appearance package available on the first- and second-generation Camaro. The Rally Sport appearance package on the first-generation Camaro consisted of headlights under retractable covers

what is a camaro rs package

Best answer 鈥淩ally Sport People also ask How much does the Camaro RS package cost? The letters stand for 鈥淩ally Sport,鈥?and like the original, the modern Camaro RS package offers unique styling upgrades for the sixth-gen sports car, includin