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Tag: Can you pick up a package from FedEx post office

did fedex pickup my package

If your package was redirected or held for pickup at a FedEx location or participating retail location like Walgreensor Dollar General,you should receive a notification via text, automated phone call, email, or door tag letting you know your package

does fedex pick up packages

How do you get FedEx to pick up a package? How do you get FedEx to pick up a package? You either call them for a pickup if they're local or use the FedEx app and schedule a pickup. There is a charge for this service. Can I pick up a package fro

can i have fedex reroute a package

Yes Is it possible to intercept a FedEx package? We will then attempt to intercept and redirect the shipment. If the shipment is intercepted, your credit card will be charged the $15.25 Package Intercept fee plus any applicable postage. If the actu

can fedex put packages in mailbox

Illegal It isillegalfor FedEx to put packages in your mailbox since the mailbox is owned by the Usps. Only the property owner and Usps are allowed to touch the mailbox. You may find a FedEx package in your mailbox if it was sent by FedEx Ground Econ