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is my package lost canada post

Best answer Canada Post (and most first world postal services) rarely actually lose packages. They may be delayed,but based on over 25 years of mail order selling,actual loss is very rare. Keep in touch with your customer. Give her the Canada Post n

how to mail a package canada post

People also ask How do I send a parcel to Canada Post? Get a list of shipping services, features, options and costs by entering your parcel details into Find a Rate. Complete your customs form online before you send your item. You鈥檒l get a barcod

can i send package to canada

Best answer FedExand UPS handle package delivery from the sender in the U.S. to the recipient in Canada. On the other hand,the USPS handles the package up to customs,after which the package is handed over to Canada Post to handle delivery to the rec

can canada post hold package

Best answer Now,you can use Canada postal mail hold service to keep safe your important mail. It is a paid serviceoffered by Canada Post. You have to purchase hold mail service for residential or business from Canada Post portal or to visit their ne