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how to make a news package

People also ask How do I create a news package script? Before you begin the process of creating the news package script, complete the legwork in the field. Research the facts, interview key witnesses or people involved in the news event with your c

how to make a deb package

Best answer Debian Package Creation HowToPreface. Being responsible for a machine means taking care of the hardware as well as the software components.Requirements. As step 1,have your GPG key available. ...Debianization. At this point we will add t

how to create msi installer package

Best answer In order to install the MSI package,you will need to build it first. In order to build the MSI package,you will need toclick the 鈥淏uild鈥?toolbar button on the installer screenand you will get a dialogue box over the screen depicting t

how to add package to java project

Best answer Right click on java folder and add new Package. If you want to add a new package inside your previous package then Right click on previous package and add new Package. People also ask How to create a package in Java? Creating a packag

what are python packages

Best answer What are Packagesin Python? A pythonpackagecreates a hierarchical directory structure with numerous modules and sub-packages to give an application development environment. They are simply a collection of modules and sub-packages. Peopl

how to get package body in oracle

Best answer If is a package then you can get the source for that with:select text from all_source where name = 'PADCAMPAIGN' and type = 'PACKAGE BODY' order by line;Oracle doesn't store the source for a sub-program separately, so you need to look th

how to create package in sap hana

Best answer There are just four steps to create packages in SAP HANA: Step 1: To create a package,open the SAP HANA Modeler and select Packageoption from its main page. Or go to the Content folder. Right-click on it. Select New. Then select Package.