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what is gdebi package installer

Best answer Gdebiis a simple, Open source and lightweight tool to installDebian packageson Ubuntu or Debian based Linux. People also ask How to use GDebi to install deb packages? Now that you have installed Gdebi, you can use it to install deb pa

how to open debian package

Best answer Running this command on the terminal ble will run this command on terminalsudo dpkg -i *name of package. You can also click to open package or double click to open it. What Command Is Used To Ed To Install A Package? People also ask Ho

how to make a deb package

Best answer Debian Package Creation HowToPreface. Being responsible for a machine means taking care of the hardware as well as the software components.Requirements. As step 1,have your GPG key available. ...Debianization. At this point we will add t