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is my package coming today usps

People also ask How do I know what packages are coming to my address? There鈥檚 also a 鈥淧ackages鈥?tab that shows packages that are on the way or have recently been delivered to your address. You鈥檒l know exactly what packages are coming to you

haven t received usps package

Best answer You can inquire with them by calling1-800-275-8777. If you have not received your package after (waiting 5 business days) and your package is missing, you might want to check with your neighbors to ensure the package wasn't mistakenly pl

what time are packages delivered

Best answer What time do packages usually get delivered? Other than time-definite air deliveries, shipments are generally delivered anytime between the hours of9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (and sometimes later) to residences, and by close of business for

can you refuse a package from usps

Best answer Concept of USPS Package Refusal: A recipientmay refuse the package when it鈥檚 delivered to him. In case of refusal of the package, It is sent back to the sender of the package. Package refusal will only be valid if the receiver of the p