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what is nuget package restore

Best answer Restore packages automatically using Visual Studio Enable automatic package restore by choosing Tools Options NuGet Package Manager, and then selecting Automatically...Build the project.If one or more individual packages still aren't i

where are nuget packages stored

Best answer Whenever you install,update,or restore a package,NuGet manages packages and package information in several folders outside of your project structure: The global-packages folderis where NuGet installs any downloaded package. People also

how to install nuget package

Best answer Select the Tools NuGet Package Manager Package Manager Console menu command.Once the console opens, check that the Default project drop-down list shows the project into which you want to install the package. ...Enter the command Instal

how to create nuget package

Best answer Creating A Nuget Package. To create a package,first we need to create .nuspec file. This is a manifest file that uses XML to describe the package. This manifest file is used to build a package and it's also stored in the package after th