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how to uninstall python package

People also ask How do I remove all of my installed Python packages? If you just want to remove all the packages you've installed (as opposed to all of Python), you'd want to nuke your site-packages directory. To find it, from Python run import so

how to install python packages mac

Best answer There are several methods to install additional Python packages: Packages can be installed via the standard Python distutils mode ( python setup.py install ). Many packages can also be installed via the setuptools extension or pip wrappe

how to add package to python

Best answer The most common way to install Python packages is using Python鈥檚 package manager,pip. To install a package using pip,run the following command: pip install packagenameWhere packagename is the name of the package to be uninstalled. Lear

what are python packages

Best answer What are Packagesin Python? A pythonpackagecreates a hierarchical directory structure with numerous modules and sub-packages to give an application development environment. They are simply a collection of modules and sub-packages. Peopl

how to pip install python packages

Best answer Use pip to Install Python Packages To install Python packages through pip, run the following command with your package name.pip3 install Package -name People also ask How to install pandas in Python using pip? To install the Pandas pa