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what is a fiscal stimulus package

Best answer Fiscal stimulus may refer to eithergreater public spending or tax cuts. In both cases, the government wants to boost economic growth. In the majority of cases, government bailout packages are also types of fiscal stimulus. A bailout occu

do stimulus packages work

Best answer What a stimulus package hopes to accomplish Theoretically, a stimulus works byproviding the population with funds in the hopes that they will spend the money. A thriving economy requires healthy spending to keep it functioning at its bes

what is the 2000 stimulus package

Best answer The Truth Behind the $2000 Per Month Stimulus A new $2000 per month stimulus proposal, if signed into law, would give every qualifying American adult (aged 16 or older)$2000 per month if they earned less than $130,000 a year and filed ta

how does the stimulus package work

Best answer A stimuluspackageis a collection of measures introduced by a government or central bank to intervene in a struggling economy and promote growth, or counteract economic contraction. As the name suggests, its purpose is to breathe life int

what’s in the stimulus package 2

Best answer Airlines and airports get what they wanted. The package includes $32 billion in grants for wages and benefits to the decimated airline industry. That includes $25 billion for passenger airlines,$4 billion for cargo airlines,and $3 billio