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what is luxury package on tahoe

Best answer The Luxury package also adds apower-adjustable and heated steering wheel, second-row heated seats, heated power side mirrors, and a bit more. Of course, the Tahoe has a ton of interior space given its size. The 42.3 inches of front headr

what is the rst package on a tahoe

Best answer Rally Sport Truck People also ask What is the performance package on the Tahoe RST? This is the first time that the 6.2 has been installed in the Tahoe, and it's the second Chevrolet application of the 10-speed -- the first being the

what is the z71 package on a tahoe

Best answer GMoffers the Z71 package on a number of different vehicles,including its various trucks and SUVs. The package adds a host of equipment that bless the given vehicle with extra off-roading prowess and bolder styling. Let鈥檚 take a closer