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is wish packaging discreet

People also ask Is wish com Legit? The platform certainly is legit, but given the amount of negative Wish.com reviews, that doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean that it is the best choice for shopping online. Does wish have a customer service line? Althoug

how to package truffles

People also ask What is the design and packaging for their chocolate truffles? The design and packaging for their chocolate truffles is designed by Julia Zou and she came up with a smart way to package the truffles. Just look at this great idea. Th

how do victoria secret packages come

People also ask Does Victoria鈥檚 secret ship to France? Between shipping costs and duties and the long shipping delay, it just didn鈥檛 make sense financially to buy from American websites and have the order shipped to France. But my opinion has d

does wish have discreet packaging

People also ask Is there a wish store in San Francisco? However, that鈥檚 generally NOT the case. Wish.com acts as an intermediary, connecting merchants, and customers through their e-commerce platform, which means you are buying from merchants aro