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Tag: What is the most popular Python package

where to put python packages

Python packages consist of a specific directory structure typically including the following:A root directory with the name of the package,e.g.,pycounts/;One or more Python modules (files with a .py extension that contain Python code) in a subdirectro

how to publish a python package

This process is super-easy,here are the steps:Create a repository (name doesn’t have to match package name but it is more orderly).In your repo,on the right side; click “create a new release”Fill in “tag version” to be the same as in setup.py (

how to package python project

How to build your very first Python package? Create an empty file called setup.py. ...Create an empty file called README.md. ...Create a folder called mypythonlib,or whatever you want your Python library to be called when you pip install it. ...