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what does pdq mean in packaging

what does pdq mean in packaging

what does pdq mean in packaging插图

Pretty Darn Quick

What is a PDQ display?

A PDQ display is a point-of-sale tray, bin or rack that is lightweight and easy to install in retail stores. They are usually made of cardboard and placed at checkout counters or used as floor displays in high-traffic aisles.

What is PDQ package library?

Package Library. The Package Library contains common applications that are ready to download and silently deploy right from within PDQ Deploy. We test each package to ensure that it installs silently. We also keep the packages up-to-date with the latest versions of the applications so you don’t have to, saving you not only time,…

What are PDQ trays and why are they so popular?

Though customers are taking less trips to retail every year, each of those trips has tripled in value – meaning you have to catch their attention. PDQ Trays vary in size and shape depending on retailer requirements, but are great for keeping products organized, presentable, and for driving brand awareness.

What is a good sentence for PDQ?

: as quickly as possible : immediately Like a great many of my generation, I’m sorry that I never asked my grandfather about his experiences of fighting in World War I—though I suspect that like so many of his generation, he would have changed the subject PDQ. — Tom Utley He needed to get back to the hospital pdq, he said. — Bob Levey “PDQ.”

What Is “Pretty Darn Quick” in Retail?

PDQ is an American acronym meaning “Pretty Darn Quick.” The term was made popular in Walmart stores as the early name for today’s Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP) or Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP).

Why are PDQs important?

While early PDQs served a valuable purpose in making stocking shelves easier and faster, today’s Retail-Ready packaging takes more into account. Graphics on the outside of each unit benefit both the shopper and store employee.

What is a PDQ in retail?

PDQs are filled with supplier merchandise and designed to taken out of a shipping box and placed directly on display. Store employees are able to stock multiple items in one motion versus many separate motions over a longer period of time. Speed and efficiency were improved in stocking practices.

Why do suppliers use logos?

Supplier logos, icons, and other graphics on today’s RRP make the product easier to locate in a store’s crowded backroom. This benefits both the store and supplier to ensure items can easily get in front of the customer.

What is RRP messaging?

For the supplier and customer, messaging on the RRP is a powerful communication tool. It can serve as the last line of sale for graphic call-outs, text, even QR codes to provide marketing information for the product.

What is a PDQ display?

PDQ displays are smaller, lightweight, easy-to-install trays, bins or racks that are generally used in check out areas of retail spaces. They’re basically point-of sale devices, and most corrugated PDQ displays are versatile in terms of what you can sell in them.

What is the advantage of PDQ displays?

A huge advantage to PDQ displays is they’re delivered all but ready to go. They come out of the shipping box and onto your shelf or floor, meaning you can start moving product and collecting money within minutes. You don’t have to spend time stocking shelves or organizing how product sits on a shelf or counter.

How to contact Creative Displays?

If you’d like to learn more about PDQs and see how and if they can make a difference in your retail store, contact Creative Displays Now or give us a call today at 1-855-284-6922 – we love helping customers figure out new ways to sell products and improve their profit. Creative Displays Now has more than 50 years in the business and has won more than 100 industry awards…and that means we know a little bit about what sells and how to sell it. Let us help you today!


Mr. Checkout is a national association of independent wagon-jobbers and full-line distributors. We distribute product to approximately 35,000 independent stores around the country and are always seeking the next hot new product. If you have a product, we want to hear from you!

What is PDQ display?

PDQ displays are smaller displays typically found near a checkout counter in retail. Drugstores, grocery stores, travel centers, truck stops, convenience stores and mass merchants prefer these types of displays due to space. They work best for smaller items with a 8-16 count. Use of eye catching graphics give counter displays …

What is a counter display?

Counter displays are most commonly used in retail stores on the checkout counter. They offer high visibility to impulse products and promote quick purchases. Being light and small, a counter display is easily moved as needed.

What does PDQ stand for?

PDQ is an abbreviation for “Pretty Darn Quick” or “Product Displayed Quickly”. Depending on the part of the country and the manufacture you’re speaking with either is acceptable.

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What Is A PDQ Tray?

A PDQ Tray (Pretty Darn Quick) is a small display usually shipped with products, and can be placed on another POP Display or near the cash register. PDQ Trays are typically used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and even hardware and club stores to increase product exposure and encourage impulse purchases.

What is a successful PDQ tray program?

A successful PDQ Tray program depends on your understanding of the entire budget and economics of the entire process. Setting a budget for your display is an important step before beginning the design process.

What is flexographic printing?

Flexography Printing. Flexographic printing will bring your cost of printing down, and tooling costs are typically lower. It has a fast turnaround time that can use both water and oil-based inks. But, compared to Lithography and Digital, Flexography has a noticeably lower printing quality.

What is the advantage of digital printing?

The biggest advantage of a digitally printed PDQ Tray is to use alternate print designs.

What is the best printing method for commercial printing?

When it comes to commercial printing needs, lithographic printing is the most used solution. And it’s great if you are creating a single design to print over and over without much customization.

What to do if you order 2000 units at once?

If you order 2000 Units at once: You would need to pay all up front tooling costs, wait for the project to be prepped, and purchase all the materials up front. Then consider the entire supply chain, including storage, of your 2000 Displays.

Why do you need a prototype display?

You should always request a prototype display to confirm the structure and printing for final production, especially if you have a very large order.

What is a PDQ display?

PDQ displays are commonly used in grocery stores, convenience stores and hardware stores. They offer high visibility to specific products and promote impulse purchases. Being lightweight, a PDQ display is easily moved as needed. PDQ is used as an abbreviation for "Pretty Darn Quick" by some display manufacturers and as "Product Displayed Quickly" …

What does PDQ stand for?

PDQ is used as an abbreviation for "Pretty Darn Quick" by some display manufacturers and as "Product Displayed Quickly" by others. ADVERTISEMENT.

Where are PDQ displays used?

PDQ displays are commonly used in grocery stores, convenience stores and hardware stores.