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what does the z71 package mean

what does the z71 package mean

what does the z71 package mean插图

Off-road suspension package

What is included in a Chevrolet Z71 package?

This package also includes safety features fitted on the truck. The safety features include collision alert signals and rear parking alerts. In addition, we have lane departure alerts, safety seat alerts, and many more. This and much more entails the z71 package. But here is the big question. How do you know that your truck has the z71 package?

What is the difference between Z71 and 4×4?

What is the difference Between a Chevy z71 and a Regular 44? There is a slight difference that exists between the z71 and the 4*4 truck. On closer inspection, you will notice the following: z71 truck comes fitted with firm shock absorbers. The shocks are fit for off-road and rough terrains. But, the regular 4*4 has smoother shocks.

What does Z71 stand for?

Z71 is the code that Chevy uses for their “offroad suspension package”. WEA is the code for the “Z71 appearance package”, which is fancy door handles and mirrors and such. SB7 is the code for the “Z71” stickers that you can get on the side of your Z71 equiped truc.

What does Z71 mean on Chevy trucks?

Z71 is an off-road trim package that is available on some Chevrolet Suburbans, Tahoes and pickup trucks. While the exact features of a Z71 trim package can vary from one model to another and one year to another, the package generally includes wider tires and a limited slip differential.

Is z71 Worth it?

Based on what the z71 package entails, the answer to this will largely depend on the individual.

What is the difference between a Z71 and a LT?

The LT has shocks that are monotube and poses a 2-inch suspension lift. But, the z71 has off-road suspension with Rancho shocks.

How to tell if a truck has a Z71 sticker?

Well, you can end up buying a truck that has the z71 sticker, when in fact, it’s fake. So the only way you can tell is by checking the glove box. Inside the glove box, look at the RPO codes, and you will find z71 written. Knowing what the z71 package entails, let us now look at the z71 and compare with the regular 4*4 pickup.

How thick are Z71 wheels?

The z71 comes with wheels that are between 18-20 inches. They are also fitted with thick tires while the regular 4*4 wheels come with 16 inches wheels.

Why do trucks have wheels?

The wheels enables the truck to maneuver the rough terrain without losing grip and thus keeping the vehicle in balance.

What is an underbody transfer case?

Most off-roads are rocky, and the terrain is never smooth. This case shield protects the truck from the hits that occur under the body while driving. As such, it ensures that the underbody of your truck has maximum protection.

Which is more expensive ZR2 or Z71?

The zr2 is more costly than the z71 truck.

What is the Eaton G80 differential?

Standard on newer Z71 models is an exclusive automatic locking rear differential. Manufactured by Eaton, this heavy-duty automatic locking rear diff (also known as the Eaton G80) reacts in milliseconds to distribute power among the rear wheels for improved forward motion in low-traction situations. Whether you’re crawling up a muddy hill, driving over sand, or navigating through the snow, the G80 transfers power to the wheel with the most traction to keep you moving forward. As an added bonus, this differential acts as a conventional light-bias limited-slip differential during normal driving conditions.

What pickup truck has a Z71 package?

Fortunately, there’s a pickup truck that can help you take the right road even when there’s no road at all: The Chevy Silverado . When equipped with the optional Z71 package (available exclusively on the LT and LTZ trims), the Silverado is transformed into a fully-capable off-road machine.

What does Z71 mean in a Chevy Silverado?

Chevrolet Silverado: What Does Z71 Mean? When the pavement ends, Chevy’s Z71 off-road package gives truck owners the confidence to tackle any terrain. If you’re looking for a pickup that won’t quit when the going gets tough, look for a Chevy Silverado with the Z71 badge.

What is Hill Descent Control on a 2014 Silverado?

For 2014 models and newer, every Silverado equipped with the Z71 off-road package includes Chevy’s new Hill Descent Control feature. HDC is designed to give drivers a smooth, controlled descent down steep grades. When engaged, HDC uses the truck’s anti-lock braking system to control each wheel’s speed so the driver can concentrate entirely on steering. HDC makes the difficult task of navigating down steep, rough terrain easier by maintaining a safe descending speed. It should be noted that HDC can be disengaged for those times you prefer total driving command.

What is the Silverado Z71?

Silverado Z71 off-road models come with additional features to help you conquer the road-less-traveled. The specific package changes with each model year, but some of the other features you can expect on a Silverado Z71 include:

Where was Rancho Jeep Supply made?

What started in the 1950’s in Long Beach, CA as Rancho Jeep Supply quickly grew into one of the most trusted performance suspension components manufacturers in the world, especially among the off-roading crowd.

What Does z71 Mean on a Chevy Colorado?

The z71 is a code name that Chevy uses to identify the different packages when they make their vehicles. The z71 is designed to be a midsize truck that has an off-road suspension package. That means that the z71 is going to be a great version of the Chevy Colorado for people who like to adventure and go on a lot of off-roading trips.

What Does the z71 Package Get You?

The z71 Package gives you a lot of upgraded performance that can be used to go off-roading or just be an extremely capable drive in tough environments.

Is the z71 Package Worth It?

Asking yourself if the z71 Package is worth it can be a tough question to answer. On one hand, you have to weigh the benefits and costs and make sure that you are buying a package within your budget.

What is a Z71 truck?

In the midsize truck market, the z71 package makes the Chevy Colorado easily within the best trucks of that size to go off-roading with and turns the truck into a very versatile vehicle that can go anywhere and do anything that you put your mind to.

How much does a Z71 cost?

As of this writing, different prices for the z71 Package fluctuate between 33,000 and 37,000 depending on whether you get the short bed or the long bed version.

What size wheels are in the Z71?

The wheels and tires also get an upgrade with the z71 Package, you have an option of 18 inch or 20 inch wheels and the tires are all-terrain models that are great for that reason as well. It’s great to look at these features as a comprehensive package because they do so well to complement each other.

Why upgrade suspension?

The upgraded suspension is going to help your truck deal with different environments and different trails and let you have some upgraded performance.

A Tale of Two Packages

It’s interesting to note that there are often two different Z71 packages actually available on trucks, though they’ll frequently be combined. The Z71 package that most people think about and really care about is the actual suspension package, which changes the performance of a Chevy truck to make it better when going off-road.

The Silverado Z71

Although the Z71 package has been available on a number of different models, the Silverado is probably the truck it’s most often associated with. Since its first generation, the Z71 package has been available for the Silverado, but the details of it have changed a bit over the years.

The Colorado Z71

Of course, the Silverado is not the only Chevy truck to feature the Z71 package, though things become a bit more confusing when it comes to the Colorado. For the Silverado, Z71 refers to an off-road package, yet the Colorado instead features a Z71 trim rather than a package available for other trims.

How Important Is the Z71 to You?

Whether you’re looking at a Silverado or Colorado model, if you see the Z71 suspension package, then you’ve got a great truck for going off-road. Chevy’s engineers haven’t stopped there; building on the Z71 is a ZR2 trim that’s now offered on both of these trucks, and it takes off-road performance even a step further.

What is a Z71 package?

The Z71 package has been a hot topic among off-roaders for many years, and GM was not oblivious to this. At the beginning, Z71 was the name given to GMs four-wheel drive system, but that changed as the package became very popular. This led to many different package versions and trim levels that fell under the fabled “Z71” label.

What is a Z71?

Z71 refers to a package option on GMC and Chevrolet trucks. Back in the day, “Z-71” was simply a product code that dealers used to order trucks with a specific off-road package. The package came with upgraded shocks, skid plates and a rear locking differential. Back then, this was considered the “off-road upgrade” for trucks that already came with four-wheel drive.

What is the difference between a Z71 and a 4×4?

One of the key differences between a Z71 and 4×4 Chevy is they ride on different shocks. Shocks are a big player when it comes to overall ride quality since they quite literally absorb the shock of large bumps and dips.

Why do dealers use Z71 decals?

Dealers began stamping “Z71” decals on their trucks in order to sell more , and most importantly, identify which trucks had the option.

Why do you need off road shocks?

Off-road shocks are intended to lessen the impact of bumps and dips at higher speeds , which is attractive when bombing down trails in the wilderness. This is not so much the case for freeway driving or the casual trip to the grocery store, since you will feel every bump you hit. Your truck will be bouncing and taking you along with it.

What does 4WD mean in trucking?

4WD simply means a truck has the ability to send engine power to all four wheels on the vehicle. This is incredibly handy when dealing with off-road terrain, since you’re more likely to end up in a spot where you’ve got a set of wheels in the air.

Is a 4×4 better than a Z71?

That said, the Chevy 4×4 is still a great truck, and can be upgraded and modified to be as good, if not better, than the Z71. That will set you back a pretty penny though, and will be a lot more effort than simply buying a Z71. Stick to a Z71 if you’re looking for an all-in-one starter package for off-roading.