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what is a conversion package suv

what is a conversion package suv

what is a conversion package suv插图

Sport utility vehicle
A SUV equipped with a conversion package is asport utility vehiclethat has been modified to include a special set of features or equipment. This might include a custom paint job upgraded suspension and tires upgraded lighting and interior appointments and more.

What is the difference between a conversion van and SUV?

Taking into account the criteria we’ve established that is important in a family vehicle, the conversion van dominates the SUV in many categories. There is more room for kids and gear. The height of vans makes for more head and legroom as compared to the SUV.

What is an SUV camper conversion kit?

But an SUV camper conversion kit takes this convenience to a whole new level. With an SUV camper conversion kit, you can turn your car into a campervan, disregarding the need for a tent completely. This clever idea means your vehicle becomes a sophisticated place to stay when you head out into the wilderness, complete with a bed and kitchen.

What is an example of a converted vehicle?

Converted vehicles can include campers fitted with captain’s chairs, vans equipped with wheelchair ramps, or any other vehicle that includes post-production alterations that change the structural nature of the vehicle.

How much does it cost to convert ATC SUV?

ATC SUV Pricing Vehicle Type Suggested MSRP Add-On Costs Passenger Side Conversion $1,495 4 Wheel Drive (charge does not apply to … $1,495 Retain Heated Seat Electric Mirrors (c … $1,495 7 more rows …

What happens when you convert a vehicle?

When people convert vehicles for customization purposes, the changes can weaken or even nullify the safety features built into these vehicles. For example, a raised roof may feel luxurious and offer more headroom in the vehicle, but the conversion may not hold up to the same standards as the original construction.

What happens if you get injured in a conversion?

If you suffer injuries and attempt to file a lawsuit against the company, it could use your signed release or waiver against you. If you have sustained injury in a conversion vehicle and your agreement with the company that performed the conversion included such a waiver, don’t worry too much.

What are the safety concerns of a converted vehicle?

When automobile manufacturers produce vehicles, they must meet strict regulations enforced by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, a federal law outlining the requirements of any commercially-sold motor vehicle in the United States.

Can you convert a car into a camper?

Many vehicle owners who have the financial flexibility to do so enjoy customizing their vehicles or “converting” them into repurposed vehicles. Converted vehicles can include campers fitted with captain’s chairs, vans equipped with wheelchair ramps, or any other vehicle that includes post-production alterations that change the structural nature of the vehicle. Installing a new stereo system into an old car doesn’t necessarily qualify it as a converted vehicle, but installing scissor doors or a raised roof would qualify as conversions.

Can you file a lawsuit for a conversion?

If you intend to file a lawsuit after a converted vehicle injury, your attorney will help you determine whether the conversion company was negligent in the work done on your vehicle or the installation of converted parts. Although conversion companies are not beholden to the same regulations as auto manufacturers, they must still provide safe and effective products that perform as advertised and intended. When they fail in this regard, injured customers can file personal injury lawsuits to recover compensation for their losses.

Is a car conversion a good purchase?

Although a conversion may seem like a great purchase at first, bear in mind the effects the conversion will have on the vehicle’s safety. Different conversions may alter the way the car functions or absorbs impact during a crash, potentially endangering you and other passengers.

Can a conversion company use screws?

The conversion company may use outdated methods for performing the conversion, such as using screws to attach a new roof, and these methods may cause serious injuries in the event of a car accident. Read the agreement carefully and see if it includes any waivers or release of liability in the event of an accident.

What Is an SUV Camper Conversion Kit?

But an SUV camper conversion kit takes this convenience to a whole new level.

Why Not Just Buy A Camper Van?

An SUV camper conversion kit encourages you to spend all of your time outside. The kitchen is outside meaning this is where you have to cook, and really there’s nothing better than camp food enjoyed under the stars .

What is the most important upgrade for an SUV camper conversion kit?

The most important upgrade the SUV camper conversion kit offers you, when compared with a tent, is a proper bed . The FlatBox’s bed is spacious and comfortable, allowing for a good nights sleep and leaving you well rested for the day ahead.

What is a conversion kit for a camper?

An SUV camper conversion kit is perfect for those weekend warriors who enjoy using their weekends to head outside. If you’re only going on short trips, you don’t need the space and home comforts that a camper van provides as you’re only away from your home for a few nights. You can even chuck the kit in your trunk on Friday morning and head straight out when you finish Work!

How many 10l water containers are there in a kitchen?

Also in the kitchen space are two 10l water containers, with a tap for easy usage. Paired with one of the two bowls provided in the kit, this simple water system becomes an effective washing-up solution. The sink, combined with the workbench and burner gives you space for a stress-free cooking experience.

What is a flat box?

The FlatBox is a compact box unit that stores in the trunk of your SUV. Thanks to the fact that there are no loose items The FlatBox is quick and easy to remove and install. As there are no loose elements, it is impossible to forget anything for your camping trip.

What is an aluminium bed frame?

A fold-out aluminium bed frame supports the comfortable 10cm thick foam mattress. The frame also stores on top of the kitchen’s box unit in the trunk, when not in use. The aluminium bed folds out over the back seats but the seats don’t support it. This means that if they are not needed, you can remove your SUV’s back seats for extra storage.

What can I add to my conversion van?

There are endless options for customization in the conversion van. HDTV’s, video game consoles, heated seating, navigation; I-pod ports can all be affordably added to your van.

Why is it important to have a family vehicle?

The family vehicle must be able to keep its most precious occupants safe in the unfortunate occurrence of an accident. Cost and Gas Mileage: Raising children is expensive. Budget is going to be an important factor in the purchasing decision.

Do conversion vans have a lower floor?

Not mentioned in the above chart, conversion vans also have a lower load floor than SUV’s, which makes easier for kids, pets, elderly people, just about everyone in general to enter and exit the vehicle.

Is the Chevy Express the same as the suburban?

The fully loaded Chevy Express came at a significantly lower cost with more customizations while the Suburban was higher in cost with fewer amenities. The fuel economy is very similar.

Can a conversion van be folded down?

The versatility of the conversion van cannot be outweighed. Third row seats can be folded down to make a comfortable bed for overnight trips. Higher standing room and luxury blinds can allow for privacy. The conversion van is both rugged enough for a camping trip and luxurious enough for a red carpet premier.

Is a conversion van an option?

The facts are in. But test drive each vehicle, and bring your family along. The conversion van is not an option to be overlooked. Nothing else on the market combines luxury, versatility, safety, comfort and cost efficiency quite like it.


First and foremost, if you want to save some cash when buying your vehicle, you should consider a conversion van. Simply put, they are less expensive to buy, and you can drive off the lot with thousands of dollars in savings. This is especially true when you start comparing equipment.

Fuel Economy

When you own an SUV, there is a pretty good chance that you will spend quite a bit more money on just fuel. Think about it, if you drive the average SUV, you will struggle to get 20 MPG (if you’re lucky), and you will waste a lot of cash on fuel.


With an SUV, you only have room for a few people and some items. On the other hand, if you want a versatile vehicle, you will have an easier time with a conversion van. One day, you can throw in a few bags of cans to take in for recycling. On another day, you can fill your van with people, with their luggage, and go on a road trip in comfort.

Interior Space

Without a doubt, if you own an SUV, you are going to notice that, despite the fact that it’s big, you are not going to have much interior space. In fact, if you want to throw a surfboard or a bed in your SUV, you will struggle.

Easy Entry and Exit

A lot of SUVs on the market can be a bit difficult to get in and out of. They sit high up and the doors aren’t the best for accessibility. They are not made for people to jump in and out of quickly, and this is annoying, especially if you are in a hurry or your vehicle is full of kids.


Finally, you may find conversion van ownership will yield lower insurance rates. Not only that, since they are not as costly to start, you will insure a vehicle that is not worth as much. In the end, if you want to save money on insurance, make sure you buy a conversion van over a SUV.