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what is amazon exclusive packaging

what is amazon exclusive packaging

what is amazon exclusive packaging插图

Padded packaging container
Amazon has recently invented a newpadded packaging containerwhich is recyclable,lightweight,and smaller. This new packaging method,which looks like a padded manila envelope,has the same recyclability as the company’s iconic boxes without taking nearly as much space up in the recycling bin.

What are Amazon exclusives and how do they work?

Amazon Exclusives partners can also use full A+ content on their listings. This all works together to help new brands in particular slingshot into prominence. Through limited distribution, sellers get better brand protection against counterfeits and unauthorized sellers as their listings and profiles grow.

How do I apply for Amazon exclusives?

Only third party sellers can apply for Amazon Exclusives. Here are some additional initial requirements you have to meet for each product that you intend to add to the program: Be a Professional seller in good standing. Be Brand Registered with brand ownership for the product and Enhanced Brand Content on your listing.

What is an Amazon PFP box?

The product is in packaging that is branded but can’t be shipped without additional protection. Amazon employees pack and ship the product to a customer using an Amazon overbox (see the next definition). PFP is Tier 2 in the APASS system. This is the box with the instantly-recognizable Amazon smile.

Why does Amazon use tissue for packaging?

Our innovative packaging uses layers of tissue to provide both durability and insulation without sacrificing recyclability. When additional Amazon packaging is required to ship a product, we strive to optimize that packaging for increased recyclability along with reduced waste and carbon.

What is Amazon certified packaging?

A network of Amazon-certified packaging companies meant to help vendors and sellers create packaging solutions that meet Amazon’s packaging guidelines. They have the resources, contacts and testing equipment that vendors and sellers aren’t otherwise able to access.

What is an ASIN number?

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number. A 10-character alphanumeric code assigned to a product listed on Amazon. It’s like a UPC code, but a system exclusive to Amazon. Every product has its own unique number, but in the case of physical books, it’s often the same as its International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

What is an FBA code?

A number-based code that identifies an FBA product as belonging to a specific vendor or seller. Like an ASIN, every product has its own unique number so everything is easily organized, picked and tracked.

What is the ISBN number on Amazon?

Every product has its own unique number, but in the case of physical books, it’s often the same as its International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Does Amazon ship SIOC?

This is also packaging that requires no prep by Amazon. The product, already packed in its branded packaging, is placed into its shipping packaging and sent to Amazon’s warehouse. It’s shipped out by Amazon with no need for additional packaging, easily opened by a customer, and goes right in the recycling afterwards. SIOC is Tier 2 in the APASS system.

What labs do Amazon use?

Vendors can use an Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) certified lab. APASS labs are approved by Amazon to perform the ISTA 6-Amazon testing and provide certification. This option allows independent testing labs to participate and create new revenue streams. Vendors require labs that can run and document tests efficiently and offer re-design advice when packaged products do not pass. Ideally, a lab should be able to work with a vendor during testing and the package design process and should report on multiple prototypes before final certification testing.

What is vibration research?

The process of entering the random vibration test profiles is straightforward, the tests are executed efficiently, and the software offers comprehensive automated reporting. If a customer’s packaged product fails a vibration test, you’ll have a wealth of information in the test results to help them with design modifications.

What is an ISTA 6?

The standard includes two sequences of drop shock testing and one sequence of random vibration testing with a single test profile.

What is ObserVR1000?

With the ObserVR1000 DAQ and ObserVIEW software, testing labs can instrument a packaged product with accelerometers and analyze the drop test results. If your customer’s packaged product fails a drop test, you’ll have the data and insight to advise on an intelligent re-design instead of relying on a best-guess approach.

How many ways do vendors certify packaged products?

There are three ways for vendors to certify packaged products:

What is the phone number for ISTA 6?

Call +1-616-669-3028 (or email) to discuss the ISTA 6-Amazon opportunity.

What Can Amazon Exclusives Do For Me?

The Amazon Exclusives program is designed to give third party sellers an edge with the following perks:

How Do I Get In?

Only third party sellers can apply for Amazon Exclusives. Here are some additional initial requirements you have to meet for each product that you intend to add to the program:

Why do sellers partner with Amazon?

Through limited distribution, sellers get better brand protection against counterfeits and unauthorized sellers as their listings and profiles grow. Partnering with Amazon gives them a better idea of the brand, which helps them recognize counterfeits and unauthorized sellers more easily .

What can members use on Amazon?

Members can use Amazon onsite marketing, Deals, Giveaways, email campaigns, and branded content as well as video and additional HTML on listings . They also get free Lightning Deals and an option for Best Deals every month. In addition, the Amazon Exclusives storefront is updated monthly to add themed catalogs, and sellers are offered …

Does Amazon have exclusive partners?

Amazon provides Amazon Exclusives partners with a dedicated brand advocate within the marketplace as well as direct contact with a Sponsored Ads specialist. Sellers can get help customizing their banner ads and product launches, as well as advice on top of a Video Manager account where they can control the product videos that they want to showcase.

Can third party sellers partner with Amazon?

Third party sellers can partner directly with Amazon through the program to launch their innovative items through the program for better visibility. Amazon promises better brand discoverability, additional marketing opportunities, along with merchandising support, brand support and self-serve brand tools to launch like a pro.

Who is Julia Valdez?

Julia Valdez. Julia is a professional teacher and long-time lover of the art of words on paper and the stage. She has an entrepreneurial heart and spends most of her time doing marketing and management, freelance content writing, volunteer work, and sharing lots of laughs over little crazy things.

Why is Amazon packaging important?

Nelson: The most important thing is that the industry works together to create packaging that’s great for customers, companies and the environment . Using our Amazon Packaging Certification Guidelines, we are working to educate the industry about the impact that sustainable packaging has on customer satisfaction , including repeat customers and cost savings.

What is Amazon packaging guidelines?

Nelson: Absolutely, our packaging guidelines are the requirements we leverage for our own Amazon private label products. Our objective is to create best-in-class certified packaging (such as Frustration Free Packaging) that customers love and serves as a model for our external brand owner partners to follow. A great example is our Amazon Basics business, which encompasses hundreds of different products that are certified as Frustration Free Packaging or Ships in Own Container.

Why is certified packaging important for Amazon?

Certified packaging designed for Amazon and online fulfillment is a win for customers due to right-sized packages being designed to prevent damages ; it’s a win for our brand owner partners and Amazon because it’s less material volume and often much lower cost; and it’s a win for the planet—the reduced amount of packaging is less wasteful, and lower damage rates mean less transportation of goods to and from the customer.

Why have brands switched to flexible packaging?

In many product categories, brand owners have switched from rigid to flexible packaging for a variety of reasons, sustainability being one of them. Do you anticipate similar interest and activity with flexible packaging for ecommerce?

Why is online retail important?

Again, online retail provides distinct and powerful enablers versus traditional retail to invent packaging that delights customers, reduces waste and minimizes cost throughout the supply chain. Sustainability provides a critical catalyst for challenging norms and promoting systemic change in packaging.

What is Amazon’s mission?

Nelson: Amazon’s mission is to focus on what is best for our customers. With the launch of Frustration Free Packaging in 2008, our goal was to guide the industry to design and certify packaging that is right sized, easy to open and made from 100% curbside recyclable materials, features that are designed to delight our customers. Great examples of FFP packaging can be found on our Innovations and Sustainability sites.

Is ecommerce a sustainable distribution paradigm?

The author accurately asserts that ecommerce is beginning to be viewed as an independent distribution paradigm, providing an opportunity to design packaging with sustainability and optimization in mind. This is our business model—applying a sustainability lens to packaging enables us to create a better customer experience, reduce cost and drive more efficient use of resources, which reduces the environmental impact. A win-win-win. To do so, we must collaborate as an industry and is precisely why we are members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.