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what is brabus package

what is brabus package

what is brabus package插图

What is the BRABUS package on smart car? Available as a$1,900option,the BRABUS Sport Package allows customers to further customize their smart fortwo with unique styling and a sportier driving experience. The introduction of the all-new BRABUS Sport Package expands the customization options on smart fortwo coupe and cabrio models.

What is the Brabus Adventure package for the G-class?

BRABUS also offers particularly exclusive BRABUS fine leather interiors in practically any conceivable color and a wide variety of upholstery designs for owners of the current Mercedes G-Class who are looking for even more customization. You want to know more about the BRABUS ADVENTURE package?

What is a Brabus adventure conversion?

At the rear, the BRABUS ADVENTURE conversion includes a WIDESTAR fascia with stylized skid plate. The spectacular off-road look also comprises a fifth Monoblock R wheel with an off-road tire. It is mounted at the rear of the vehicle on a pivoted spare wheel carrier.

What did the Brabus shop do at the IAA 2019?

The BRABUS upholstery shop enhanced the standard leather appointments specifically for the car on show at the IAA 2019. To this end, the center sections of the seats and door panels were given an arrowhead pattern quilting applied with pinpoint precision.

Why does the Brabus adventure have a ladder at the rear?

To facilitate loading and unloading of the massive rack fitted with brackets to hold an axe and spade at the sides, a ladder at the rear is also part of the BRABUS ADVENTURE product range.