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what is care package by drake

what is care package by drake

what is care package by drake插图

First compilation album
Care Package is thefirst compilation albumby Canadian rapper Drake. It was released on August 2,2019 by OVO Sound and Republic Records. The compilation consists of songs released between 2010 and 2016 that were initially unavailable for purchase or commercial streaming.Genre:Hip hop, RBLength:73:37Recorded:2010–2016Released:August 2, 2019

What is care package by Kendrick Lamar?

In that same spirit comes Care Package, an odds-and-ends set that collects tracks that were originally released between 2010 and 2016. It’s an accessible time capsule, a concise document of his growth as a musician and a primary source for his OVO imprint’s signature sound, which has since anchored multiple careers.

How long has care package been around?

The strays that make up Care Package span the 10 years of his stardom. The earliest inclusion, 2010’s “Paris Morton Music,” came to us via the OVO blog, while others, like 2015’s “Can I,” were loosed through more dubious channels ahead of their planned rollouts.

What is the OVO care package?

His OVO imprint celebrated the occasion with a physical release and digital release, and So Far Gone made its debut on the Billboard albums chart, hitting No. 5. In that same spirit comes Care Package, an odds-and-ends set that collects tracks that were originally released between 2010 and 2016.

Rap or Go to the League, 2 Chainz

Five albums deep into a hard-earned but now glittery career, it was beginning to feel ambitious to ask for anything superseding pretty girls and trap music from 2 Chainz.

Ventura, Anderson .Paak

Whereas Oxnard, Anderson .Paak’s funkdafied and untamed Aftermath debut, proves a more risky and compelling listen, it’s also a little all over the map. Ventura, its more focused and groovy counterpart, skips along lovely with bubbly soul jams that could cruise down Highway 1 in a convertible and still make everything sunny in Philly in the 1970s.

Unfuccwitable, Asian Da Brat

Since pulling her hat out of the Doll circle earlier this year, the artist formerly known as Asian Doll has proven that her appeal goes beyond a name. Her first project under her new moniker, Asian Da Brat, serves as a reminder of her star potential.

Escape From New York, Beast Coast

This past spring, Joey Bada$$, his Pro Era team, Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers consummated the formation of their Beast Coast supergroup with Escape From New York, a cohesive collection of head-nodding posse cuts with tight production, dexterous rhyming and clever wordplay.

The Plugs I Met, Benny The Butcher

There’s a new kingpin in coke rap, and his name is Benny The Butcher. The Griselda Records rapper, fresh off of his brilliant 2018 project, Tana Talk 3, keeps his white lines of the most premium grade on the anticipated follow-up.

Everythings for Sale, Boogie

Boogie is warring with his reflection, and the Compton poet’s bedroom mirror has been dragged out on the front lawn for everyone to see.

Baby on Baby, DaBaby

Guided by DaBaby’s bulletproof baritone, distinctive Southern drawl and energetic production, Baby on Baby is a dense, 32-minute collection of high-octane raps that don’t give you time to escape the charisma of its host.

What it sounds like

It interpolates ‘I’m On One’, a track that made static radios sound good (and put DJ Khaled on the map), though on ‘Trust Issues’, we hear a slowed-down, lo-fi version of the same song with different lyrics.

What it will remind you of

All those loved ones who completely turned against you: this song is Drake’s story of trying to bounce back from such betrayal.

What it tells you about Drake

He believes that solving all your problems with a little liquor is not a bad idea.

What it sounds like

South London’s very own Sampha and 40 (the producers of the track) create an ambient R&B track that leaves you in a right state. Assisted by delicate piano notes and backing vocals, courtesy of Sampha, it elevates you to that emotional place Drake is known for.

What it will remind you of

All the ups and downs in life that we go through to get to the next stage.

What it sounds like

This track sounds like a rant at one of the females that did him wrong, reminding her on what she missed out on.

What it sounds like

A mellowed P.Diddy beat. If you remember rap artists such as Ma$e and Biggie, who were signed to Diddy’s label ‘Bad Boy Records’, the instrumental will sound similar. Plus, the constant ’90s references – “Take that, take that” and the ad-lib “ha-ha-ha-ha” – were popularised by Diddy.