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what is dts package in sql server 2008

what is dts package in sql server 2008

what is dts package in sql server 2008插图

How to migrate from DTS to SSIs?

To give a backward compatibility until the DTS packages are migrated (or converted by you) to SSIS packages, you can import the DTS packages into SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 and call them in the jobs to do their work. These Imported packages will be present at the below location in SQL Server management Studio.

What happened to DTS in SQL Server 2000?

As you all know that the DTS packages in SQL server 2000 is replaced by the giant called Integration Services which has more features than DTS, and DTS is no more supported in SQL Server 2005 and up.

How to Open DTS Designer in SQL Server?

Just right-click on the package and choose the option open and this will open up the DTS designer for you. I strongly recommend to convert the DTS packages to the SSIS packages as the support to DTS will be completed removed in future versions of SQL Server.

How do I edit DTS Packages in DTS Designer?

Once you install the DTS Designer Components, it will allow you to edit the DTS packages as you do in SQL Server 2000. Just right-click on the package and choose the option open and this will open up the DTS designer for you.

What is DTS in SQL Server 2000?

New DTS features for SQL 2000. DTS was first released with SQL Server 7.0 and has been vastly improved with the release of SQL Server 2000. Some of the new features include:

How to get your hands dirty with DTS?

To get your hands dirty with DTS, I recommend that you begin by using the DTS wizards. Once you have mastered the wizards, you can move on the DTS Designer and more advanced topics. The DTS wizards in SQL 2000 provide you with the quickest way to move or create packages for data transformation.

What is the goal of administering a database?

When administering a database, one of your primary goals is to be the gatekeeper of data. Anything that has to do with how data is stored, saved, updated, and/or deleted will fall into your realm. In today’s business world, most companies store their data in different formats. As a result of this, along with the frequent and expected changes made in the average business, it is not unusual to have to move data from one location to another and/or reformat it on a regular basis.

What is SQL Server 2008 R2 BPA?

The SQL Server 2008 R2 Best Practice Analyzer (SQL Server 2008 R2 BPA) provides rule to detect when an instance of SQL Server contains DTS system stored procedures which have Execute permissions granted to PUBLIC role. If you run the BPA tool and encounter an Error with the title of Engine – Potential security issue with legacy DTS stored procedures,we detected at least one DTS system stored procedure that has Execute permissions granted to PUBLIC role.

What is the potential security issue in SQL Server?

The potential security issue occurs if an application connects to SQL Server by using a login that owns DTS packages. In this scenario, there is the risk that a SQL injection attack could modify or delete existing packages.

What parameter to execute sp_dts_secure?

You can execute the stored procedure sp_dts_secure with parameter 1 to Revoke Execute permissions on all DTS system stored procedures from PUBLIC role.

Is SQL Server 2000 DTS a security risk?

There is a potential security risk with DTS packages that were created in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services (DTS) and that are stored in the msdb database. This concern focuses on the system stored procedures that accomplish most common tasks for these DTS packages.

Can DTS overwrite a package?

(DTS modifies a package by saving a new version of the package. DTS does not overwrite the current version of the package.)