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what is included in msc drinks package

what is included in msc drinks package

what is included in msc drinks package插图

What drinks are included in MSC Cruises easy Plus package?

MSC Cruises Easy Plus Package drinks. The Easy Plus Package Includes all drinks priced up to 10 euros. The premium MSC package is an almost endless choice of drinks anytime you want. This package includes a wide range of cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs, wines by the glass and beers including draught and bottled beers.

How much does the MSC drink package cost?

The MSC Drink Package can be used at the self service buffet, main restaurants, bars, lounges and speciality restaurants. Price of Wine Water Package Easy: ZAR 1,146 (Adults only). Price is per cabin. The Wine Water Package Easy is ideal for those passengers that are enjoying wine during meals:

What is included in MSC Cruise Line’s cruise package?

You can enjoy MSC’s finest beverages available on the ship. Room service menu and drinks from themed bar menus are all included as well. This package also entitles you to a 30% discount on bottles of wine and champagne purchased in restaurants and bars.

What is included in the soft drinks package?

Soft drinks include fruit juices by the glass, bottled mineral water. Hot drinks include, expresso, cappuccino, caff latte, tea, coffee and chocolate delights. You use this package in all onboard bars including the self- service buffet and restaurants. This package excludes the specialty restaurants.

Can you share a beverage package with other guests?

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Beverage packages are not transferrable and may not be shared with other guests, being valid for one beverage only per each order. Violation of these terms may result in cancellation of a guest’s package without eligibility for a refund or credit of any kind.

Can you eat soft ice cream on Ocean Cay?

Soft ice cream. Can be consumed in all onboard bars as well as the self-service buffet, restaurants and Ocean Cay Island. Ocean Cay Island offering may not include full onboard beverage selection. Can be consumed in Speciality Restaurants only if the family/group purchased the Premium or Premium Plus package.

Is there a price limit for drinks by the glass?

Book now all drinks by the glass, with no price limit!

Can you book a child package at the same cabin?

The package must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin, or travelling together and wishing to eat at the same table, including minors who must book the Child version of the package. The package is not obligatory for infants under 3 years old (i.e. who have not yet reached their 3rd birthday).

Can you buy a cruise package on a daily basis?

The price of the package applies to each day of the cruise except for the day of disembarkation; the package cannot be purchased on a daily basis.

Can you drink alcohol on a Saudi Arabian cruise?

Please be advised that in respect to the Saudi Law, alcohol will not be served during the Calls in Saudi Arabian ports. Alcohol will be available to our guests when the ship sails in International Waters.

How much are MSC Cruises drinks packages from the end of 2021?

MSC Cruises do not publish the price of the drinks packages anymore on their website.

What types of drinks packages are available on MSC Cruises?

This is a great and simple drinks package for casual drinkers – those who just love the basics or those who are travelling on a budget.

How much are drinks on MSC Cruises?

The cost of beverages onboard any of the MSC Cruises ship s are in par with other cruise lines and what you can find in an upper-class restaurant on shore.

Is a drinks package worth it?

A drinks package may seem like a strange concept at first. It certainly is not the first thing people think of when they plan for a cruise, compared to the shows and excursions.

How do the drink packages work onboard the ship?

These are valid for the South African market and for packages that have limits on them, eg: 5 ice creams / mineral water.

How old do you have to be to drink on a cruise?

The drinking age is from 18 years old for European / South African cruises and 21 years old for US / Caribbean / South American Cruises as it is in line with local government regulations.

Can you use drinks on Ocean Cay?

All of the drinks packages bought for an MSC cruise that stops at Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, can be used on the island.

Would we book with the MSC Easy Drink Package again?

Much to my husband’s dismay, Corona was not an included beer option with this package. The only included beer choices were Miller Lite or Heineken. Coors Lite was substituted if a bar was out of Miller Lite.

What is easy drink cruise?

MSC’s “Easy Drink Package” is one of the alcohol packages offered by MSC Cruise Line. The “Easy Drink Package” is the base level package and is sometimes included with a cruise booking as a booking perk. If you are considering booking with MSC, you should ask if the offer is available for your sailing. If not, packages are available after booking.

How much does a premium drink package cost?

The Premium Drink Package includes drinks up to $12 and is available at an average price of $47-$63 per person , per day. The Premium Plus Drink Package advertises no price or consumption limits and varies in price between $66 – $79 per person, per day. The price per day varies based on the sailing itinerary and is based on a 7-day sailing.

What is included in MSC Easy Drink?

Additionally, both still and sparkling bottled water, as well as most specialty coffees, are included in the MSC Easy Drink Package. But, there were a few specialty coffees with alcohol which were above the $6 limit. But, the basic Latte, cappuccino, etc. were included.

Does MSC have a drink package?

While the included drink options are limited, it was very clear which beer/cocktail is available with the Easy Drink Package. Because this package is often included as a booking perk, the staff are very familiar with the items that are included.

Can you upgrade to Easy Drink on a 7 day cruise?

Another consideration to keep in mind is that on sailings of 7-days or more you may purchase an upgrade to your Easy Drink Package to a more inclusive drink package after you’re on board. This upgrade was not an option for our short 3-night sailing. The cost of the upgrade to one of the premium packages was not available and may vary by sailing.

Is Ocean Cay Marine Reserve included in the package?

The package does extend to their new private island, MSC Ocean Cay Marine Reserve. During our visit, some substitutions were made. However, it is NOT included in the specialty restaurants.

What Drink Packages Are Offered on MSC?

Following a revamp in late 2021, MSC has a total of five drink packages. Of these, three are alcoholic packages and two are non-alcoholic.

How Much do MSC Drink Packages Cost?

Each of the packages has a different cost, ranging from as little as $17 per day to $69 per day. Note that prices can change at any time.

Do I Have to Buy the Package For Each Day of the Cruise?

Yes. MSC requires guests who want the package to buy it for every day. You can’t purchase for single days.

Does the Drink Package Work on Ocean Cay?

Ocean Cay is MSC’s private island ( see our complete guide to the island here ), and yes, the MSC drink package works on Ocean Cay just as it does on the ship.

Is There a Daily Limit on How Many Drinks I Can Get?

There is no mention of a daily limit on drinks mentioned with the packages. That said, if you appeared overserved, then don’t be surprised if the cruise line decides to refuse service.

What Drinks Are Available for $6? What About $9?

While the Easy Package is attractive at just $38 per day, many people wonder what alcoholic drinks are available for $6 or under.

Who Is Each Package Best For?

Not sure which package is right for you? The three options are very different, which can make things a little confusing.

Where can I purchase a drinks package?

If you have not purchased a package with your cruise they can also be purchased at the promotion desks during the embarkation and also in bars and restaurants. Prices do fluctuate and you can purchase your package onboard up to two days in to your cruise. If you purchase onboard drinks will incur a service charge of 15%. If you purchase prior to cruising you normally get a cheaper deal.

Does everyone in the MSC Cabin have to purchase the same drink package?

The drinks package’s must be booked by all guests occupying the same cabin this includes minors who must book the child version of the package.

What cocktails are served onboard MSC cruise ships?

There is a range of cocktails including Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiri, Classic Mojito and B.B.C’s. You can also get non alcoholic ones too such as Mojito Zero, Magic Island or a Coco Loco Zero.

What drinks are included in MSC Yacht Club?

With Yacht Club you package is included here is a small example of the beers you can choose from;

What soft drinks are there on MSC?

These are a selection of soft drinks available on MSC Cruises such as Fruit juices such as Pear, Apple, Peach, Orange, Tomato and Apricot. You can also get variety of Sodas, Ice tea and still or sparkling water. Here is a list;

What is a MSC Funpass and what does it include?

The FunPass is your all access pass to the Amusement Area which include video games. The fun pass includes;

What is included in the MSC cruise?

MSC Cruise Alcohol-Free Package for adults perfect for refreshment whenever you like with a choice of alcohol-free cocktails, so das, energy drinks, bottled mineral water, flavoured water and fruit juices. A wide range of coffee drinks, hot chocolate delights, organic tea and soft ice cream is also included. The drinks included can be ordered in all onboard bars, as well as self-service buffet and restaurants, this excludes specialty restaurants. This package is only available to ADULTS over 18 years of age.


MSC Cruise ships have numerous food venues to satisfy a wide range of palettes and preferences.

Activities onboard

Once guests have finished enjoying meals, there are lots of amenities and activities to keep them busy.


MSC for Me is available on newer ships in the fleet such as the Meraviglia and Seaside classes. The app is available on android or apple devices and assists passengers with planning and communication both pre-cruise and while onboard. One great feature is MSC for Me Chat which allows for messaging onboard without an internet package.

Access to private island Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

One major benefit of sailing with MSC Cruises is having access to their private island in the Bahamas. Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (Ocean Cay) was once an industrial site but has been redeveloped into a serene paradise for its cruise guests.

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