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what is package code in tata sky

what is package code in tata sky

what is package code in tata sky插图

Tata Sky153pack details? The Tata Sky 153 pack is widely known as the FTA basic pack or the Free To Air basic pack. It offers its subscribers with a diverse list of FTA channels including DD, 9X Tashan and more. The package is not only pocket-friendly but it also provides its users with 99 channels.

Which is the cheapest add-on pack in Tata Sky?

The music channels add-on is priced at Rs. 7 with 7 channels. It is also one the cheapest add-on pack of Tata Sky. Similarly, Hindi News pack is available for Rs. 5. The Hindi News Pack has 9 channels. You have to pay Rs. 49 per month for English Entertainment pack of 5 channels.

How many channels are there in Tata Sky DTH Hindi news pack?

The Hindi News Pack has 9 channels. You have to pay Rs. 49 per month for English Entertainment pack of 5 channels. In this section, you will find the Best Tata Sky DTH Packs, Offers, Price Channels List And Validity details in the Add-On Packs category.

How to know your pack details on Tata play(formerly Tata Sky) remote?

How to know your pack details on Tata Play (formerly Tata Sky) remote? How to know your pack details? Your Tata Play details such as Subscriber ID, account balance, monthly recharge amount, next recharge date, package details and recharge options can be found by giving a missed call on 8880488804 from your Registered Mobile Number.

What are the different plans available in Tata Sky?

Here are all the plans that you will find with Tata Sky. Each plan category has something different to offer and you can select the one that you find the most suitable for you and your needs and requirements. As you can see, there are three categories for all the plans. These are Curated Plans, Regional Plans and Add-on Packs.

How To Select Channels in Tata Sky DTH Recharge Plans?

So it has been provided by Tata Sky and by following the steps below, you can select your preferred channels on your Tata Sky DTH Recharge Plans.

How To Remove Channels from Tata Sky Plans & Packages?

Many times one is not satisfied with the channel subscribed and wish to remove these from their list . So it is important for subscribers to know how to remove channels from their Tata Sky Plans & Packages.

How Can I Contact Tata Sky Customer Care Executive?

Are you facing a problem with any of the Tata Sky services? Then you can reach out to them on their customer service number. You can talk to their customer care executive and share the issues you face and get a possible solution as well.

How to avail the Tata Sky Monthly Pack Cashback Offer?

It is very easy to carry out and with this offer, you can save a lot on your Tata Sky DTH Recharge Plans

How to avail the Tata Sky Recharge Offer?

If you are looking to avail this offer, then here are the steps that you need to follow in order to redeem the recharge offer and its benefits.

How long is the free Tata Sky recharge?

An amazing opportunity has come up for all Tata Sky users. Now with the new Tata Sky Recharge offer, you can get two months of free Tata Sky service. Yes, you heard that right! All your favourite entertainment, sports, news and all other channels can now be enjoyed for free, for two whole months.

How to enjoy uninterrupted service on Tata Sky?

To enjoy uninterrupted service, you need to recharge with any of the available Tata Sky plans. To start with you need to select a base pack then you can customize a plan as per your viewing needs.

How to get cashback on Tata Sky?

How to Avail Tata Sky Cashback: 1 Recharge your Tata Sky account with the amount equal to more than 12 times the monthly recharge value. 2 Alternatively, click here, then click on Recharge Now and enter the amount to recharge your Tata Sky Account. Choose the correct amount to avail Cashback.

What channels are included in Tata HD pack?

Tata HD pack includes all the HD channels. You can choose from South special, South sports bonanza, dhamaka kids, and many more.

How many channels are there on Tata Sky?

There are currently 601 channels on Tata Sky.

What is the NCF on Tata Sky?

Network Capacity Fee (NCF) on Tata Sky is as follow: Tata Sky charges you a basic fee called the Network Capacity Fee , which is the minimum amount you need to pay per month. The rates for the packs you choose to subscribe to are added to the Network Capacity Fee to arrive at the total amount due any given month.

Which DTH provider is the best?

Tata Sky is one of the top-rated DTH providers. It provides an array of packages at the best price. Also, it has come up with exclusive offers that you can grab to get a hefty discount on the recharge.

Is Tata Sky available in HD?

Moreover, Tata Sky regional packs are available in HD, and you would benefit from the excellent broadband. In addition to these local channels, you can also relish your favorite spiritual, educational, and entertainment channels at a cost-effective price.

Does Tata Sky have DTH?

Tata Sky has come up with many DTH plans. To enjoy all the services seamlessly, you would have to recharge your Tata Sky account with the given amount. Initially, the user would have to select the base pack, and according to the preference or the channels you wish to see, you can customize the plan.

How to Get A New Tata Sky Connection?

To get a new Tata Sky connection, you can follow the steps given in either of the options below:

What is Tata Sky?

Tata Sky Limited is a collaboration between Tata Sons and the TFCF Corporation (formerly known as Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc.). Tata Sky, which was founded in 2001 and began operations in 2006, is India’s premier content distribution platform, offering Pay TV and OTT services. Tata Sky was the first one to debut several services and products that transformed the watching experience of users in the country, with the goal of linking to the finest content in the world at any price, any device, whenever, and wherever.

How many channels does Tata Sky have?

Tata Sky subscribers now have access to over 100 channels without having to pay any additional network connection fees under the new Cable TV Rules.

Does Tata Sky have a recharge pack?

Another noteworthy feature that demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting the expectations of its consumers is the company’s wide range of Tata Sky recharge plans. TataSky has created a variety of recharge packs that cater to the needs and budgets of various customers.

Does the Tata Sky Binge+ have Wi-Fi?

The Tata Sky Binge+ set-top box has 2GB of RAM and 8Gb internal memory and operates on Android TV Pie. It has 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth 4.2. There’s an AV out, two USB ports, HDMI out, and SPDIF on the back of the box. The HDMI port is HDMI 2.0, which means it will function with 4K and HDR TVs, as well as 1080p and HD-ready TVs.

What languages are Hollywood movies dubbed in?

Hollywood and international movies dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu

Can you recharge your Tata Sky?

Once the payment is complete, your Tata Sky connection will be recharged and you can continue watching your favourite content!

What is Tata Sky?

Tata Sky is one of the first DTH service providers in India. It revolutionized the TV watching experiencing by providing a host of channels with high definition. The service provider started with a limited number of channels, and today it offers a gamut of channels in different languages, including English, Hindi, and regional.

What is the channel number of Tata Sky?

Check out the updated Tata Sky HD Channel list & mark as favorite. Tata Sky HD Channel Number. Channel Name. 114.

What languages are news channels in?

It has vast numbers of news channels in different languages that include English, Hindi, regional, and global.

Is Tata Sky a DTH?

Conclusion: Tata Sky was one of the first DTH service providers in India. Over the years, it has increased the number of channels. Today it provides all types of channels that include entertainment channels, regional channels, news channels, and many others.

Can I watch Hindi movies on Tata Sky?

Here is good news for all the movie buffs, now you can watch all your favorite movies in Hindi without struggling. To watch all the channels at the best price, you can opt for Tata Sky 220 pack. Besides this, Tata Sky has an array of packages that allow you to watch your favorite content.

Does DTH have religious channels?

The DTH provider has a number of religious channels that are perfect to calm your mind and distress yourself!

Where is Sun Direct located?

Headquartered in Chennai, Sun Direct is one of the leading direct broadcast satellite service providers…

Hindi Entertainment

Tata Sky provides a diverse selection of Hindi entertainment channels. The DTH service offers everything from Star Network programming to local channels in HD and SD.

English Entertainment

Tata Sky also offers a selection of English-language entertainment channels ranging from Star World to Disney Channel. The DTH provider provides 7 HD as well as 5 SD channels in this group.

Hindi Movies

As most Indian customers love binge-watching Hindi movies, Tata Sky provides a total of 33 Hindi movie channels for them to pick from. Tata Sky subscribers can select from a variety of HD and SD channels.

Hindi News

TV is becoming the major source of news, and Tata Sky has practically every news station in its database. While the DTH provider offers add-on bundles, the consumer may also select these channels independently.

English News

In addition to Hindi news channels, Tata Sky provides a comprehensive array of English news channels to its subscribers. Users of Tata Sky can choose from a selection of 25 channels.


Tata Sky provides a total of 25 sports channels to the nation’s sports fans. All Star Sports and Sony networks, as well as Europsort, are on the list.


Tata Sky offers 14 channels available for the youngsters in the family. Among them are Disney, Nick, Marvel HQ, plus Cartoon Network.