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what is package in android

what is package in android

what is package in android插图


What is the package in Android?

Package Installer is the service that runs in the background when you install, update, or uninstall apps on your Android device. Put simply, it’s an app that installs and uninstalls other apps. Every time you install something on your Android device, including third-party apps like Spotify or Discord, APK files, or official software updates, it …

How do I Find my Android app package name?

First make sure you are viewing the project in Android view. For that follow the below image to change from project to Android view in Android Studio:Now click on setting gear icon and deselect Compact Empty Middle PackageNow you will see each package folder is broken into partsNow right click on the first package folder,refactor and rename. …More items…

How to install packages in Android Studio?

Once you’ve selected all the desired packages,continue to install:Click Install X packages.In the next window,double-click each package name on the left to accept the license agreement for each.Click Install.

How to find package name of an Android app?

Download “APK Info” app from Google Play Store on your android mobile.Once you have successfully installed APK Info app,open it and check that it lists down all the apps that you have on your phone. …Long press on the “Google Play Store” application icon inside the APK Info app till it displays the list of options as shown below –More items…

How to use Android Application Package?

Well, Android Application Packages are built once we are ready with our application. After that we must first compile the program for Android. After that, all the parts of the application are packaged into a single file. And thus the APK is generated. An APK contains all the parts of the programs code like, resources, certificates, etc. We will further those in this article.

What is an APK file?

An APK contains all the parts of the programs code like, resources, certificates, etc. We will further those in this article. Once the APK files are ready, they can be installed in any of the Android phones or tablets just like we install softwares in the Personal Computers.

What is AndroidManifest?

5. AndroidManifest: This is an additional Android Manifest file, that describes the name, version, access rights, the referenced library files for application.

What is a service in Android?

On the other hand, Services are those part of an application that helps the app to perform long run operations. These are generally performed in the background and do not need the user interference. For example the songs playing in the background. Or some updation going on in the background. Learn more about Android Services.

What is the resource.arsc file?

7. resources.arsc: This is a file that contains precompiled resources like, binary XML.

What is lib directory?

2. lib: It is a directory that contains the compiled code that is platform dependent. It has further more directories within that are:

What is an activity in an app?

An Activity is that application component which provides a visible screen that helps the users interact with it to perform some operations. For example whatever you see as soon as you open an app, like upon opening the Call logs you see the recent calls. You can know more about Activities.

Where are APK Files Stored in Android?

a. Pre-Install (i.e. Camera, Calendar, Browser,etc.) APK is stored in /system/app/

How Does the Package Manager Store Data?

Package Manager stores application information in three files, located in /data/system. The following sample is extracted from Android 4 ICS emulator image.

Where I Can Find the Source Code of Package Manager and Package Installer?


How to install apk file?

What is the APK Installation Process in Detail? 1 Waiting 2 Add a package to the queue for the installation process 3 Determine the appropriate location of the package installation 4 Determine installation Install / Update new 5 Copy the apk file to a given directory 6 Determine the UID of the app 7 Request the installd daemon process 8 Create the application directory and set permissions 9 Extraction of dex code to the cache directory 10 To reflect and packages.list / system / data / packages.xml the latest status 11 Broadcast to the system along with the name of the effect of the installation is complete package 12 Intent.ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED: If the new ( Intent.ACTION_PACKAGE_REPLACED): the case of an update

What is package installer?

PackageInstaller is the default application for Android to interactively install a normal package. PackageInstaller provide user interface to manage applications/packages. PackageInstaller calls InstallAppProgress activity to receive instructions from the user. InstallAppProgress will ask Package Manager Service to install package via installd. Source code is available at <Android Source>/packages/apps/PackageInstaller.

Why is Android the value of a package tag?

In most cases "android" is the value, because the <permission> tag contains default permissions and protection indicates level of security. The package tag contain 10 attributes and a few sub tags. Sr. Attribute Name. Description.

What is a package list?

2. packages.list : It is simple text file containing package name, user id, flag and data directory. I can’t find any perfect description, but I assume that the packages.list file may provide faster lookup of installed packages, because it keeps important information only.