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what is tamper evident packaging

what is tamper evident packaging

what is tamper evident packaging插图

Tamper evident packaging, also known as TEP, isa type of packaging that makes it clear to the end user or consumer when the product has been opened. One of the features that make tamper-evident packaging effective is that it is not readily available for purchase, making it difficult to replicate.

What is tamper-evident packaging and why do you need it?

Tamper-evident packaging can help protect your product and showcase the state of your packaging and product to your consumer. But, first, what even is tamper-evident packaging?

What is the difference between tamper resistant and tamper evident packaging?

As a result, tamper resistant packaging could be opened and reclosed, making it look like the product was never opened. Tamper evident packaging is usually preferred over tamper resistant items to provide customers with the ability to see if their product has been previously opened.

How do tamper evident labels work?

Tamper evident labels can be used on any takeout container, making it easy to pair them with the packaging you already have in stock. Once a label is placed over a package, it can’t be unsealed without leaving visible evidence of tampering. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What are the benefits of tamper evident food containers?

Food tampering has the potential to be dangerous for both your customers and your business, and can sometimes lead to serious ailments. Using tamper evident packaging is the best way to prevent food tampering and protect your products, your customers, and your business. Tamper evident food containers provide several benefits to restaurants.

Defining Tamper-Evident Packaging

What is tamper-evident packaging? Essentially, this category of packaging supply is any material that provides an extra security measure by clearly showing when someone has opened or attempted to open the container.

Where Tamper-Evident Packaging is Used

No matter what kind of material it may be, tamper-evident packaging always has the explicit purpose of warning consumers against potential harm, while sometimes also providing additional protection to products themselves.

Different Types of Tamper-Evident Packaging

While all tamper-evident packaging has the same goal for your products, it comes in many different shapes and forms. Here are just a few examples of what you might use to protect your items from meddling and your customers from harm:

Protect Your Products and Your Customers

Whether you work in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or something entirely different, there are many ways you can benefit from tamper-evident packaging. Contact IPS Packaging & Automation today or give us a call at (800) 277-7007 for more info and a free quote.

What is tamper proof seal?

Tamper Proof Sealing vs. Tamper Evident Sealing. Tamper proof is a general term that is sometimes used to describe tamper evident packaging. However, you need to be careful when using terms like tamper proof sealing because no container or packaging is going to be completely tamper proof.

Why is tamper evident packaging important?

Prevents Tampering and Theft. The most obvious benefit of tamper evident packaging is that it prevents your products from being opened before purchase. This is especially helpful for micro markets or fast casual restaurants with grab-and-go stations.

What is a tamper evident container?

Containers with tamper evident seals are common in convenience stores and fast casual restaurants. Prepared foods like sandwiches and salads are placed inside the container and the lid is tightly sealed. The lid cannot be removed without tearing the seal and indicating the container was opened. Additionally, some tamper evident containers come with built-in tampering protection. When opening these tamper evident products, the hinge will tear, providing a visual indication that the container has been previously opened and possibly tampered with.

Why use tamper proof packaging?

Tamper evident packaging is usually preferred over tamper resistant items to provide customers with the ability to see if their product has been previously opened. However, combining the two types and pairing tamper resistant packaging with tamper evidence labels can be a great way to maximize your product’s protection.

Why do you need broken closures when selling?

If you’re selling packaged items, broken closures alert you to potential product tampering so you can dispose of the item. Most importantly, it assures the customer that the items they purchase are fresh, safe, and haven’t been handled by anyone after being packaged. Tamper evident packaging is so common in the food and beverage industry …

What is the purpose of tamper evident packaging?

With tamper evident packaging, the strong seal can prevent spills and damage during bumpy car rides.

What is food tampering?

Food tampering is defined as the intentional altering or contamination of a food product or package. Tampering with food sometimes occurs with the intent to steal, perform a prank, or just to cause damage. Food tampering has the potential to be dangerous for both your customers and your business, and can sometimes lead to serious ailments. Using tamper evident packaging is the best way to prevent food tampering and protect your products, your customers, and your business.

What Is Tamper Resistant Packaging?

Tamper-resistance is more self-explanatory, it is packaging that is designed to resist access to the product contained within the package. There are many ways to provide product security through TRP.

Why Should I Use Tamper Evident Packaging?

In the shortest terms, your products are your businesses income! The revenue is generated by the consumer, and keeping them safe is a priority for brand longevity. These products are most-likely being handled many times over after being packaged; making long journeys to placement in a retail setting or for delivery to the consumer .

What is shrink film?

Shrink film provides an excellent layer of tamper-resistance for almost any product; from foods to software, toys, board games , cosmetics and other consumer goods. By sealing the product completely in a high-clarity shrink film, you gain product security from packaging to shelf. Additionally, polyolefin shrink films offer an attractive gloss …

What is tamper evident tape?

Tamper-evident tapes are available to add security to boxes, envelopes, pallets, crates and bags. These tapes will have wording on them that will offer clear evidence of tampering. Some tapes will leave wording on the package itself if removed. Other options may include labeling that provides both security and TEP functions.

What is TEP in packaging?

Tamper-evident packaging ( TEP) provides many benefits to brands and businesses in any industry, the most evident being security. If you are in pharmaceuticals, tamper-evident packaging is a requirement, in others it provides security throughout the supply chain and purchase by the consumer.

Why is it important to discuss your options with your supplier?

It’s important to discuss your options with your supplier for a full understanding of the best TEP options available to you. They can guide you in selecting and implementing cost-effective tamper-evident packaging.

Why do you need a TEP?

TEP can protect your product from opening during shipment and help to reduce your damaged goods. Keeping them protected in durable and appealing packaging is a no-brainer for your customer’s safety as well. With the addition of tamper-evidence, you are showing a clear concern for the well-being of the buyer, and that can build consumer loyalty.

What is a lidding film?

Lidding films seal to many different types of substrates and can be made from laminates containing foil, PP, PE, PET, or even mono-layer structures with a heat seal coating. Finding the right lidding film for your product involves more than just having the correct tray dimensions, matching material, and tamper evident properties. It also involves thinking about the functionality of your packaging such as a need for image display, barrier properties, or recloseability. Lidding film can simultaneously serve multiple functions. As such, markets for lidding film are vast but include: 1 Dairy: Yogurt, Sour Cream, Butter/Margarine, and Cheese 2 Prepared Foods: Side Dishes, Soups, Pudding 3 Dry/Dehydrated Foods: Cereal, Confection, Pasta, Rice 4 Food Service: Dips, Dressings, Sauces 5 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: Lettuce, Blueberries, Tomatoes 6 Hygiene and Pharmaceuticals 7 Industrial and Chemicals

What is a clear plastic blister?

Sometimes this cavity is uniquely molded around your product and sometimes it is a standard sized cavity. If not packaged in another container, the clear plastic blister packaging allows consumers to see your product, a plus for shoppers who want transparency before investing in a product.

What are some examples of blister packaging?

Examples of this style of packaging, include wrenches and hammers with ergonomic handles exposed from the packaging.

What is tamper evident packaging?

Food and Drug Administration, “A tamper-evident package is one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.” 1.

Why do you pull a tear notch on a resealable pouch?

The tear notches at the top of the resealable pouch can be pulled to remove material and reveal a zipper that can be opened and closed. A consumer could easily determine that a pouch has been tampered with if a tear notch has been previously pulled. Below are some example markets for resealable pouches: Pet Care.

Is tamper evident packaging required?

While not all products call for the extra precaution of tamper-evident packaging, it’s an option that may be either required or desired for products in the food, beverage, hygiene, medical markets, and more. Let’s take a look at a few popular types of tamper-evident packaging. Blister packaging is usually thermoformed and contains a cavity …

Does lidding film tamper?

It must be noted that not all lidding film provides tamper-evident properties. Many lidding films can provide visual indication of tampering if the packaging is broken into. You just have to select the correct film for the task, something Sonoco and The Hive SM Design Services can assist you with.

What is tamper proof packaging?

Tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging are both used extensively in industries like pharmaceuticals, beauty, and food and beverage processing. Some of the most common types of tamper-evident and tamper-resistant packaging include: · Blister packs: Over-the-counter medications are often sold in foil blister packs, …

What are breakable rings?

· Breakable rings: The plastic ring is connected to the lid and breaks to release the cap when you twist the top. These rings commonly appear as bottled soda caps and other beverages.

Why use a tamper evident package?

Tamper-evident packaging helps contain the product and prevent the accidental opening of a package, which in turn prevents wasted products and lost revenue. · Promotes safety: Consumers know not …

Why do packaging suppliers speak about the openness of regulators?

Packaging suppliers speak about the openness of regulators to understand the slower nature of life science manufacturers in adopting more sustainable packaging.

What is XPlanar 2021?

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021, Beckhoff highlighted is XPlanar materials handling system that uses levitating movers to transport materials for packaging, assembly or transfer.

What is the new alternative to EPS?

From fossil carbon to harvested carbon: a new alternative to EPS is poised to transport goods including healthcare, food, and protective packaging while cutting water and greenhouse gas use in manufacturing.

When is the HDA Traceability Online Seminar 2021?

At the HDA Traceability Online Seminar (Nov. 1-3, 2021) the topic of handling exceptions ranged from ‘in the weeds’ to the philosophical. Processes are still emerging for data issues, organizing quarantine, and more.

What is AccuPierce used for?

AccuPierce allows for a clean, quick puncture in sensitive testing environments. It is able to contain the often-aggressive chemicals used as reagents and will seal to a wide variety of materials.

What is dual access lid?

The Dual Access Lid design is a flip top lid with snap & close technology to avoid issues with access and drying out.

How much does outbound scanning increase headcount?

With many companies either facing or concerned about labor shortages in manufacturing, an expert from Cardinal Health notes that outbound scanning alone may require a 12 to 15% increase in headcount in their operations.